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Denver at pittsburgh sit the quarterbacks We're sitting. Melvin gordon williams. Though right if we can. I i'm i'm flexing gordon. Deontay johnson you have to start. I think was the. I don't know if this is something to keep. An eye was the first time that williams played more snaps. He had three catches two games in a row with three catches. yeah i like williamsburg gordon. I just don't know gordon. Healthy pittsburgh is not allowed to touch down to running back yet. They've been they've been okay against running back six points but you know they've been solid We're trying to sit sutton. Are you nervous about noah fan. You guys have them ranked in the top eight jew stinks and he does. It feels really wanna start. Dawson knocks over noah fan. Talked me out of it. I would start him over no fan in ninety beer and just so. Y'all know i don't actually have that decision to make so people think that i just use this show to set my own lineup. But i'm just saying i would rank. I wanna rank knocks higher than fan so talk me out of it. I guess is the better way to say it but all right anyway sit ben you guys have nausea harris top. Twelve denver is suffocating. Running backs right now. Harris is doing nothing as a rusher. Is this a trap. Game is this look like could be totally crap game for nausea harris. It can actually be a total of crap game for but how you're getting away from at this point with what his role is in the passing game. And the fact that you know he did get his first rushing touchdown last week you know. He can still score. It is hard to get away from him. So you wouldn't start alex collins over him know about kareem hunt or nashi harris still harris. I'd sulfurous all right. don johnson. The only one. We're going to start for pittsburgh. Only receiver he'd be the only receiver. I feel comfortable starting this game and both. Dsp's our top six new england at houston stat of the game. The patriots and texans have the same record..

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