Florida, Flagler County Line Hurricane, Governor Ron De Santis discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Radio news, traffic and weather. Theis is news radio Wofl a Tampa on WX TV HD to Clearwater. Stateslargest. Energy providers are warning customers to expect power outages as hurricane E Zaius Precious is state this weekend. Florida Power in line Duke Energy, Florida expect outages, particularly in central and eastern Florida. Became warnings, in fact, from Boca Raton to the evolution Flagler County Line Hurricane Watch from Hallandale Beach, the South, a book or a tone further to our north. One governor is not to concern that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster about hurricane E size. We have no intention of issuing an emergency evacuation order, he said. The state has seen them before in his fully prepared Attorney General Ashley Moody and it Hurricane ease I use to the states price gouging hotline operations. But he said, if you see price gouging reported, finds range from $1000 per and up to a total $25,000 for multiple violations. The move came from Governor Ron De Santis when he declared a state of emergency for 19 counties. As the storm churns toward Florida's Atlantic coast. The hurricane will not effect on the virus testing in parts of the state. After all West Coast State run Cove in 19 test sites are staying open this weekend, including ones in Charlotte, Escambia, Hillsboro lately Leon Manatee, Okaloosa Pascoe poke in Sarasota counties. The mother of a 17 year old boy in Florida, says he is not the one who hacked Twitter two weeks ago and stole money. She called her son innocent, but prosecutors call him the mastermind. The defendant devised the fraudulent schemes that stole the identities of prominent people like Bill Gates. Barack Obama in the.

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