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Contest for those unfamiliar with the Joseph Menses story. I think it's instructive to start at the beginning in both 2015 and 2016 MENSA, who's a Wauwatosa police officer and is black. Was involved in shooting incidents in which he shot and killed suspects, one of whom was charging at him in a fellow officer with what I believe was a samurai sword. And in a second incident, he shot and killed a suspect who, after ignoring repeated commands. To stop reaching for the gun in his front seat. Reached for the gun in his front seat. Multiple investigations cleared MENSA in both of those shootings, obviously being attacked with a deadly weapon in the form of a samurai sword and reaching for a gun. Justify a police officer using deadly force. But officer simply can't allow that suspect in this case, J. Anderson to reach that gun. The the act of reaching for a weapon during an officer stop is indicative of an intent to shoot and kill that officer. Four different investigations into the J. Anderson shooting found that MENSA followed proper protocol and did absolutely nothing wrong. In February of this year, right before the covert lockdowns. There was a massive brawl at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. Social media posts went out in a number of people started coming from all over the community to join the fight. One of those was a 17 year old named Alvin Cole. He brought a gun. He was waving that gun around screaming Bleep mall security bleep Wauwatosa police! Police officers, including Menzel were on the scene. They chased call out of them all into the parking lot. Evidence collected at the scene shows that during this chase in the parking lot call turned around and fired at least one shot at the officers. Theo officers returned fire. MENSA was the one who apparently fired the shot that killed Cole. As a result of that. The Wauwatosa Police Department has been unwavering in its defense of its officer. But what would toast this city government has done everything in its power to turn Joseph MENSA into the very symbol of racism in America, even though MENSA himself is black. Wauwatosa City government has tried everything it could lead by the Wauwatosa City Council. Alderwoman Heather Cool is chief among these rob inviting state assemblywoman who is up for reelection. It should be pointed out and faces a very, very good, very strong Republican by the name of Bonny Leave. She's been egging on in the post George Floyd world people to get upset about the Joseph MENSA case. There was very muted reaction to the shooting of Alvin Coal when it happened. It was more like a curiosity. When it was learned that the shooter was Joseph Mentor, who is already involved in two prior shootings, two shootings, it should be noted again. Were perfectly justified perfectly lawful and perfectly warranted. It was only after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis that all of a sudden, over the summer, the Wauwatosa Common Council started saying, Hey, we've got a killer cop on the Wauwatosa Police Department. They actually moved to suspend him with pay with a move with an eye towards removing him from the force. There was, of course, an investigation into the shooting that was launched months and months and months ago. Standard procedure. The Milwaukee County district attorney's office has been investigating ever since to determine whether MENSA did anything wrong Now it's remarkable that this investigation has lasted this long. But there has been so much anger so much rage. So much mob activity in Wauwatosa. That it's gotten international attention when Jay Z and the Jonas Brothers are weighing in on the Joseph MENSA case. You know, it's gotten big. Wauwatosa Common Council at one point allowed for a public hearing on a football field in which people from all over the community with a giant picture of Joseph MENSA in the background, so everybody would know what this guy looked like. The common Council allowed for people to say things like Joseph MENSA is a serial killer. There was one guy who said I'm going to drive around Wauwatosa. With one headlight out waiting for MENSA. Now I did an exclusive interview with MENSA himself shortly after this, he said, How ridiculous is this? I'm on administrative. I'm on paid leave. I'm not on the streets. Meanwhile, I'm thinking how stupid is this guy? You know that menses a good shot. The point being. What this guy was saying is I'm going to drive around Wauwatosa, hoping MENSA pulls me over so that I can do something to him. I can enact some form of violence. In fact, when I talked to MENSA in it was either late July early August. Late July. Producer Dave says late July he had said that just the night before As he was at his home. There was a birthday party. There are a bunch of kids who were over for a child's birthday party. A mob showed up at Mensah's house. They started screaming at people as they were dropping off the Children. Dropping F bombs making threatening remarks just Intimidating this family group of kids there. MENSA himself wasn't home. His girlfriend was hosting this party. MENSA was doing something He eventually got home and and learned about this. The mob apparently came back several times later until on a Saturday night in early August. A group of protesters. Film themselves going to a target in Wauwatosa to pick up toilet paper and other things that they intended to launch at the MENSA home..

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