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It's an about an hour. North of milwaukee and wisconsin So they are. They solely do freeze dried and they treats so kind of expanded our capabilities. As far as sarah's freeze dried there are yeah. Yeah yeah and then Earlier this year and last year We brought on miracle which is at dayton ohio so they do freeze right treats as well and they also do some like pet goods leashes and collars for dogs. Cats do some every year. He will be accessories to go along with the dog. Yeah that's awesome definitely into that now so the difference in. I don't know how well versed in how into what's the difference between freeze dry dog food and like or dog treats and a regular freeze dried. It's done in a freeze dryer kind of kind of similar to dehydrate dehydrated. So you're kind of taking all the water in a moisture out of that left with the actual you know protein source itself. Okay yeah nice. It's a very very light when it's out and yet it's it's a very popular right now. So where do you get the so you guys make the dog food. Reenlist bend we do. Yeah so where do you get your the ir even know what all making dog i. It's kind of an interesting. Because i do. I have a dog. i've always had dogs. But you ever look at the back of of the nutrition labels like we do in our own food and you see the ingredients on it but like but you look at it and it's like it's a pebble yanni really like. So we're all we're all drives extruded so just know kibbles and you know depending on what shape you want. That's what kind of die we put on it but Yeah it's really interesting process when you get into it. I when i started here Little over ten years ago about it. I kind of came from the transportation industry. How did you get started in the pet food so I've known a family forever. Obviously the holidays wants to start it so And then he went to another mooney family ahead to high school together. Just letting you. All down like cardinal mooney definitely the little secret society so what was that with the skulls. Maybe something that don't mess with the. Yeah so after college you kind of move around a little bit works a couple different places. ended Where did you go to school college. John carroll nice. Yeah that is a good call joined my time. There are a lot of little. I everybody from when he goes like seventeen kids for our class. Actually that is a lie. So transplant from youngstown. To cleveland they're so Yes and moved around a little bit move downtown. Pa moved to south jersey eventually hartford connecticut and then ended up coming back here Then moved the medina for a little bit. So i was working there and you know i was pretty close with traffic all day. Yeah and You know east. We started talking. You had a conversation about. Hey we're getting a place. Where our size that i can no longer handle. You know the hr functions will function safety functions. Things like that And that's kind of where my definitely don't want things to slide away. Yeah so a notion knocks on your door. Yeah so it's it's You know it's important stuff so we started talking and eventually You know i..

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