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Randall says she proceeded to give him the finger. But I don't think he noticed. Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend were seated in an area where it wasn't easy to leave a concern that has been raised repeatedly in stories about CK surprise sets. Randall explains that are discomfort was compounded by CK's material and the audience's reaction to it. He's definitely getting applause, if not standing ovations, you know, it's You just. know, it's just. Yeah. If you you know, if you're offended you can get up late, right? Let's say it's also, you know. Deba? We'll come back in ten minutes. I mean, you know, people are offended by so much shit now in comedy clubs. It's so fucking ridiculous. Meanwhile, people thought his set was hilarious laughing and cheering throughout the whole thing. His jokes started out like, quote, my life is hard now Etta bed year feel bad for me there. Nothing. Like, hey, I ruined my own life by masturbating in front of women. Well, that's not a joke. Right. Yeah. He is saying that right, right? Randall said, I just knew in my heart. I couldn't sit there and be complicit throughout all set. Here's what happened next ten minutes or so in there was a little bit of a break, and he walked over toward a piano, and there where I was sitting to look at his notes and in the moment, I just yelled get your dick out. That's the perfect heckle. Right. Because you stood in front of me. I didn't ask for this. Right. I wasn't thinking at the time that it would become news. I wasn't trying to make a matter get last from the audience. I just knew that I couldn't sit in that room. Let him think he had an uninterrupted stage. I'd had one Ying-ling. It was my first drink of the night. So definitely wasn't liquid courage. And I'm deaf. Not someone who would be known for heckling. He looked shocked. He looked at me full eye contact and said what? Now, you know, how feels right now. I. Again, guys, genius, right? I'm telling you. I would expect you to heckle me about my dick and boom. Gotcha. 'cause I tricked you I have an answer for right, right? You almost think like, I planted the person about my dick, I repeated I repeat myself like get your fucking thick out. And at that point, the crowd was jeering there some booze and before I know it comedy staff member comes over to our table puts the hand on my boyfriend's shoulder and says you can't heckle the comedians and motion toward the door. We already wanted to leave. I I think this is what makes people mad because she literally did the exact thing that he does they put their hand on her shoulder and removed him, but they're not doing it to him because we want his art because when we want people's art so bad, we are fucking willing to put up with a lot when we want people's love so bad. We're willing to put up with a lot. And now collectively were going how much do we want to put up with and it's very hard because we want to put up with a lot because we want it still, right? But they're look the comedy. I'm for freedom of speech, and I and freedom of expression, you know. Yeah. Com. How to rant about Trump and the shit that he says, not everything? Saying he's an asshole. I mean, we wouldn't know he was an asshole he can say whatever the fucking wants. It's unbecoming to the presidency. But you know, I'm just saying that people fucking vote him like it's ridiculous. But the comedy there's I'm sure there's other clubs that won't have him. You know that depends on the club owner. But I I'm just saying it's, you know, it place to also that Louis I have to say through his career employed. Women the head of production company was woman he gave two females their own shows, you know, Tig and. And Pam add lot like he did a lot more for women comedians than most guy comedians wanna throw up an now. True. But I do something gross..

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