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Best guy. Greg ams from mlb network of course the host of mlb. Tonight you can catch greg and the guys on. Mlb tonight every night as we watch baseball roll into the month of june. Greg how are you man. How's everything at mlb network as we turn the page of the calendar into june and have a couple of months of the season under our belt. Chris qadeer voice is going to be talking coast memorial day about a full baseball season. So far we're not talking about teams stuck in hotels working out for a week or driving and personal cars always said he likes chicago. Play smoking. It is a wonderful sight. A healthy at the major league baseball. Yeah i think that it's funny. Maybe some of the things that we took for granted in sports but especially in baseball the day today rhythm of a season that starts in february in earnest with spring training and goes you know all the way until deep into october and then we kind of turn over quickly into the off season. That's what i think. I missed the most last year. Just the repetition of every day the story lines of every day and how that impacts you know the course of season but also the entire industry is the fabric of our culture. Major league baseball. I tell fans all the time you know. Some that are on the fence like this seems like a lot of work. Missile week of baseball. I'm so far behind in some ways. Maybe you are. It is a labor of love. I have been a baseball fan. Since i was conceived so i feel like i was i just i love the game. I love the creatures of habit. Think about that. I never would appreciate that until pandemic messed all of that up and these amazing pictures that again that that not having their routine held them back. Jack flirty had a terrible year last year. To watch jacob degrom finally get back to that every day of dominance. That's also part of the routine of summer watching these superstar pitchers and you know every that they get excited to watch. You know some crazy clayton kershaw pitchy matchup so These are the things. I missed the everyday players who are just steadies. The guys that are always great. We've got a new crop of them. That are all under the age of twenty five. The teases the kunas the.

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