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So how do you feel about that in Austin last night and kind of across the nation they were about six hundred rallies going on that are pro impeachment and of course said tank kindly combat the other ones that were like a this is a farce we need to move on so obviously the country is divided on this if you like to join us our telephone numbers are eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five I know you need to let you know that we only have one phone line so if you call and it's busy just keep trying will get to you eventually because a lot of people try to call in this morning are you doing not our fault by the way no not our company or something like that I'm doing good I have not had my first Cup of coffee yet or or not not enough of it anyway so I'm gonna wake up but I'm doing good we're ready to rock this morning ready to delve into new topics and see what's going on the world well it is not only in the world a lot going on in the world even here in Austin Texas a number of things in the news today a former Hyde Park principle being charged for stealing a hundred thousand dollars from the school district no kidding yeah I've seen that his pension was high enough on female that does yeah okay sees me she she a parent suing a Texas chili parlor for what they are bad chillers knowing and knowing fortune is the parents are claiming the restaurant over served their daughter of drinks and they knew she was intoxicated and kept giving her some alcohol she got on her bike was riding home and got hit head on of those were my best way this summer it's terrible yeah well we'll see how that turns out call dram shop case but yeah I'm surprised that doesn't have as much as it used to anymore it doesn't it is kind of interesting I mean what we've kind of put the responsibility on the bar and not on the people and it's a sad story no doubt but at some point we have to have responsibility to the only sure there's person responsible and everything but you know we don't know the facts of the case Mr writers witnesses are gonna say that while the bartender knew she was bombed in and kept on giving her more or something or they should they should have known that she was already you know over serving give give her more so but yeah I mean we there's responsibly on both sides but of course you know every case is fax Pacific Serbian should hear more about that dive a little bit into that also out in lake way some interesting who's going on out there they're doing kind of their annual dear round up for the you know catch the deer and re release them elsewhere and of course some of the neighbors are very upset about that and some of them are very thankful about that and so you know it kind of goes on I've heard that's not a pleasant process now I know that goes on up insensitive Georgetown because I've got so many deer up there and then once a year they have to do kind of a harvest and I think that they say they they had a heart you know the harvest the deer and they take them somewhere else or release them or me is used other places are closely for some kind of good yeah but I'm understandings we harvested dear they get very upset and there's a lot of squealing a lot of things that are very unpleasant at you that the people the residents listen to younger netting them and things are going on what are the options though yeah I don't know and in fact the other issue is not just the overpopulation of deer but also the feral hogs and so I've I've heard of what St city does about that because they got those things running rampant taking up your golf courses of one night out there right so that's kind of a problem if there was a story a couple months ago about a lady was killed in our front yard by all yeah another dangerous I have slowly yeah the run everywhere in the thing is if we can harvest them and use the meat that's great but they're still dangerous I still do a whole lot of property damage yeah I've seen it firsthand all right so the lot of stuff coming our way this is news radio K. LBJ Saddam dies show airplane knew we had a fifty percent chance of crashing you may be writing that plane right now if you have your money in a four one.

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