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The leadoff spot steve phillips without in the bowl hey steve how you doing thanks for joining us yeah no problem good to be with you how's everything everything's great while it's great for me it's not great for the giants with this injury to madison bumgarner and i'll tell you steve you know i i wasn't buying the hype that the giants were contenders to begin with but now with this injury and this is devastating i know some march is going to miss time what a killer for the giants here you're the one team that kind of went anti analytics everybody else went y'all into they want you to lock you in any thirty two thirty three year old trade for longoria the traits were cut and they get a couple of other guys kind of on the back end of it a little bit and they're hoping that their pitching onetwothree with quite on the phone could protect the back two guys the young kids in the rotation they'd have enough of the bullpen but this is devastating i mean you know they had two thirds of their predictable starters are now down forty percent of their rotation down and so this is this is a big blow you know i i was just talking last segment about the orioles signing alex cobb and a few years ago they signed a terrible contract with baldo jimenez they paid chris davis all that money when they didn't need to and now the cops pitcher but i heard you talk it's just doesn't make any sense and i don't know who they competing and if i'm lance lynn i'm firing my agent lance lynn gets one year twelve million in cop gets fourteen plus million for four years i don't know what the orioles a thinking here steve yeah well here's thing it's you know it's a four year fifty seven billion dollar yield now a lot of the money is deferred without interests with the present day value is forty seven billion for the four years so you know on average a little less than the twelve million a year when you look at the present value of it but you know that being said i mean four years versus one year lance lynn and i.

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