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It understand the the ten year plan that i had. I knew that. I would have twenty years before things really started rolling the way i want to now to know that like hey. I'm halfway of this entire plan. That's going to stan along longtime into no. I'm in it for the long. That's that's just your knowledge of business owner saying i'm in it for the long run. I'm not here for the weekly booking site. I know that later down the line when competition starts going. i'll be able to to really capitalize. that's good. That's good that that you knew that. I'm sure that helped you. In times of those Those low points as the years went on their points where you just went without work. And you're just deal with it. Well unemployment. I took a couple of bartending ships. Known all bunch of a bunch of jobs first month jesse. City throw I was a lot of ups and downs And you know it was. It was one thing i haven't sung by own. Oh pan house sometimes fears back like a little Depress wasn't around with before. I got new hampshire the summer of twenty eighteen lakes. Nee june. I went back home and i was depressed. Hadn't worked in much almost thirty nine at least lots. I'm getting up the without dishes. How this hogan cooking you gotta stick in there. Because you know you're at a point now some you can't do anything else no you can't back out now right. It was funny because it sounds like can't move back here back at axios off that even if those what do they always do. Whatever saying you're like almost thirty can't do anything house now. Man you got which is still a thing which was it was still a positive. I got this far. I cannot lead. Yeah going you know. Yeah so gotta take care of. You gotta take the hint soon. He on truck. And that's all you can do. And i mean if you're if if it is something that you're like this is all i wanna do. It must be way more important than being the success is finding out. I guess i never really been able to explain this but at least for me the idea of knowing that i tried was way better than never trying it all so even if i went out for it and it was just a couple of roles now that would be okay because i could not i could not accept the idea of of laundering. What if like could it have happened right so it has to be just more important of course as you go you book. Can you get more validation in every booking every new credit as a reason to stay longer and then you fall in love with the very procedure of it and it's not about the booking. It's about how it's feeling you as a person. And i'd rather be fucking poor living under a bridge doing this than having loads of money and that and what. Everybody wants doing something that i wasn't supposed to do. So you pretty much work for convinced all throughout this time. This was what i wanted to do. It doesn't matter. If i'm working or if i'm not this this is my thing down i think about that was it for me. I was i was just like i was hell bent on making sure the next stayed in this in a statement as long as possible. And you know Dan and i and it's important to have a good support system. You know like i've always surround myself with people who are were great and you into steamboat is. I am supportive in a lot. As have a lot of friends were like not in the business at all. Who are like they gotta be on top of the building like they had stink no more stable stand our industry and business. But that's also. I love that because they're going to support me. No matter what grounds myself to they. Don't give a shit about. I put this thing about shiver up that you're a real person if you're hanging out with real people and that's the problem with a lot of actors you come off their. Mfa programs haven't been around normal people so they don't know how to act like normal people. They know how to act like actors around actors which is awful always. They don't know how to be a cop because they don't have any cops. I don't know how to be the all these characters that they're going on for because they don't know any of them do just to be a person in the world or something was really cool about to dude. I remember like spout krakauer. He said this. Really cool thing on timing. We should say you say you have to understand that ninety nine percent of the people who watch you on. Tv they're not going to carry when fucking school talking to the this beaver pappy. The ask anybody. Oh why are you like this guy. Why don't you like this particular actor actress or whatever and the answer ninety nine percent time a leave abruptly. It's real. it's why soderbergh always uses real people for any of his movies. It's always a cop is a cop. A nurse is a nurse. You know those those some of the best actors. I mean. 'cause i just serve any day. They don't they don't just has to be what was the thing that As as things were growing in progressing what was what was the booking that kind of started to change things for you your trajectory. I would say. I don't say new amsterdam would be. I mean it was pretty pretty. Awesome man about how you got into that. Oh i will sell sleigh time yell rep supplanted idyllic a workshop here some say the do it in two days for had to leads to go do this play. I'm literally kit I get this. Get this audition and then the day before after. Go l. fuck foot book in dave. Capital radio's best fucking cast he's such a coordinated and came in. And and dave dicovered always been play a lot of plays a lot of york theater daily..

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