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What do you think the Boba Fett stuff then tomorrow ton up tomorrow Marcin Tunnel Plan Fat. On? Kiwi. Boy Is my question. No go got into the salt pit to be digested slowly for thousand years why I mentioned it. We WanNA keep saying it why we've had more more cut in half survive Powell tate, throwing down. Iraq deschamps evolves as I said before he's adopted as if he's the big boss man, he can survive more more dubious by professors. The GEEZER and he's. How was he getting the? I Know Legends Covenant, doing the Boba Fett to survive ignore the the pop culture, and a foul people love exe- looks cool on the the people collected this action figure. Do! We need him. That's my counter. Argument is if. He turns up. A fine again. It all comes down to the magical word of execution. Bow? How if I could write it? And not just like? Oh, he fell into the week of the saw, and then he and then heap. DESCRU- without. They Ryan himself into a corner here by having to explain how we go out because it's such a big deal. Bob Affected member Mr. Gore, he looked cool and then go atan to then after what so they wreck cone again? George Lucas is idea to but I. Did it again. That was never cannon. I try I duNno, it brocade. Look, said every room are part me thinks. Aw, that would be cool to see. Bomas square off against a man delorean while a dream fight Bowe have buffet tracking the mandatory in the season to for whatever reason that would be cool, but I still go back to. Do, we need it, so that's my question to you. My body I mean. Variables considered. Does this need to? I could see why so could happen Barbara Shaw does this need to happen? Now. Of course it, doesn't he? I still strongly feel that it would be confusing for the brand. It'd be confusing for the image of the man delorean. You know it's not just an issue job. You know you can't just. Copy Gi and slap on eleven. You know on on the end below two different droid. You know because you can do that and actually make sense even having different mandal oriented on now you notice my demand Laurie, the other Manda Laurean in show they do look vastly different to our boy Jin. daren is gender Dean Dean Jarring Dinge aren sorry. I just couldn't man demon are never call him by his. Din Jaren Ripe So. I'll just think like having Bob there. Almost hike a wife from that and I. Think you know I'm just trying to especially after watching. Disney gallery of the man's Loria. I'm trying to put my. You know my mind into where? Five fabric felonious would be you know kind of had spikes and. I can't see them doing something like this. My you know I agree I. Feel like they would think before trying to make it sensible from canonical standpoint. Yeah I, just think they would think John Wall thickness. Would Tyke wife from all boy? You know our creation our project to work on it to work, because how many people will be waiting for the moment redemptions, Ibobi, being mocked, laughed at since ninety, three four for the most Pau because of his easy death. How many people are we waiting for him to just took cutter, not wreck shop and not be the coolest. Dude on the on the show they to think that I if they're going to bring him back, we have to give him. Re something cool to do, but then A. Man Thinking after talk that so again. They wrote himself into corners. Yeah! Yes I agree I. Think were signed Piedra that I I would be very surprised if we see baba ton up in this. Show Ato and this is the thing my the the issue is now. Is there a people reporting is Gospel coming out next Sinai East, fact from concord more thoughts. Yeah, what sorts I flip in tomato? Sauce Avalon, what reg down the dog and duck? Yeah, rubbish, my is not true. He's not true because now you can't help with the World War FDA soccer one is rubbish now. We have more reason to believe that isn, but what about the others? Now? We've mentioned rex. Okay, that is a bit more of believable. WanNa relief that when. You believe that one. I believe on the sensor. Ever focus around on our. That REX's in. Her kind of laptop follows beckon cool, but if we are ever going to see rex. To have adverse Oakwood. Gives more credibility to the that would be if it. Wasn't being reported on. And they just sit out tumors coming back to play REX. Boy. But random, but because soak is going to be that potentially, then then I can see it then again. That would be nice for the fans of a soaker. The fans of the CLO- Moore's rebels to see in that good. That are conic. Classic Star was animated pairing together in action. What a what a what a hat tip to the enemy is! Sue spend years and George, Lucas of Ronnie, working on those characters to give him up. Give him a shot in the in the you in the big. TV series the Premiere TV series on Disney Star Star Wars. has go. Kicking. Give him up. Give him a pound of back. Put on then I come descending. I'd love to see Captain Rex into Tamura Morrison. On in a live action, but it will only come. Soccer? A So code? Of Soccer in Japan than. Ever, so Chris Their. What is going to be doing discount standing around on what show, but Ri- interested? A Automatic the mandatory in season one does have found service. It does have these moments where. Episode was clearly a note to the fans in yeah. It was all of chapter. Five really was the gunslinger. Yes Roy Biz stone, age! Yeah I'll thank you. For a man with bad memory. Analysis Manto episodes just just about Yeah, I mean. Yeah, that was not but I I didn't. I didn't mind it. I I was probably one of the week. Reps, oats, and guess what still sick, still great funds guy back and watch madden. This whole thing is so easy to watch savvy to flip your March I'm, but there's a lot of cool bike spot. Diehard done in a very very tasteful way very tasteful. The ATS team eight. Aw, might it's not just. AM. Leftovers Dude. You go back to troops have an ATS right grey sky. We've seen that loads and I did. It wouldn't make as much sense it. It makes a whole ton of sense. The why did it and it's cold? Because I do a change in Roy and even the.

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