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Get the dough. Boys Double Our weekly bonus. Episode joined the Golden or Platinum Plate Club at patriotair dot com slash boys. Just so everyone. Who's listening out? There knows because this is our first full episode back sense the quarantine began. We're going to continue putting out dope. Boys don't boys double every Tuesday and irregular doboy episode every Thursday. There's GONNA keep coming. There'll be a little different than normal. It'll be recorded like this but we're going to keep putting out that content for you so that will be in your ears. Michael Cassidy Paul Rest. Don't stop her will die. Anything guys would like to plug Just go we're at at. Don't stop or we'll die on instagram. I don't know what can we say we're we're we have all the time. Yeah and our latest It was like a five song. Ep called diamond skies over Western dreams. And it's fun funny music. Check it. How yeah find us on spotify and then Hell Yeah Hell. Hell fight us in the hell in a few moments and thanks also for making three of my last ten meals. Mcdonald's Vinyl Yeah I WANNA say why. I wanted to congratulate all the participants in the tournament and all of our guests. That have been on to help us through this. I want to say that this didn't end exactly how we had planned. We had planned on actually going to the original McDonald's because of everything that's going on we couldn't do that. Obviously but also McDonald should pay. Its employees sick leave. It's something that we didn't talk about. That's kind of problematic on their end. Yeah I mentioned it in the in the intro. But you're right to bring it up again. Seventy eight percent of McDonald's workers have no paid sick leave a which is despicable. It is a number that's on par for the remainder of the Food Service Industry. But it is. It is something that it comes down to these corporations suck. And that's the challenge of doing this. Podcast is that of course. This is a celebration of McDonalds McDonalds. A Corporation fucking sucks. Their whole board can get fucked. I don't like they're all fucking awful people however it's the workers who make the company what it is and so anyone who works for McDonald's anyone who is a is in the kitchen back of the house and he won. Who's their work in the cashier? Anyone who's doing deliveries working anywhere in the supply chain for McDonald's restaurants. Thank you guys. As always for your. That's that's what I was just about to say yesterday when I went to get the food there. I think the guy at the window helped me out with the order. That's and that's been kind of cool to see people helping in these weird circumstances but also I wanted to say thank you to all the listeners into safe and even though this didn't end exactly how we had anticipated it ended with us. Having two of the funniest people come on and guess with us. So thank you guys for being. There's no one we'd rather have we. We're start we. We planned out the whole month at the stop in terms of who? We'd WANNA book for the Shell. We got every one we wanted. And you guys. We always wonder if we're we're so happy that you guys joined us to carry and God bless you lettering and i. It's so awesome. Wait wait so earlier. Thank you so much. Yeah thank you. Thank you guys and go. Do Boys Boys Wow we. We don't have to say when when you were like. Oh we sell. That's the problem. We celebrate these things but they're corporations and they fucking suck you know. I love always. That can't be bought. You guys have never. That's awesome but it reminded me When we started the thing we were going to insert the jingle and edited in later Wagner was like okay so just pretend that we put in the jingle or the song here and when it started. I was like okay. I guess we're GONNA to have to pretend that we just heard it. And then why made a whole joke about how we were voted? It wasn't really. We did hear it. And I just got say guys the DOE boys are all about integrity keeping it real. I love it we love. We Love You guys and we love you guys. Two of the earth we thank you for being a part of this episode and being part of the boys expanded universe and all the ways that you that you both value and Hey that'll stay safe. Go ahead I was just going to sign up but yeah you say stay safe and hey that'll do it for this episode of next time for the Spoon Man Mike Mitchell. I'm Nick Wider Happy Eaten squish sources. For this week's intro are available. The episode description. That was a hit gum podcast..

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