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Of loving you. actually. It's a It's a bad case. I suppose if I have a bad case of loving you that be alright 7 28 w. G N Channel and Decker with Dr Jeffrey Cope and Chief Medical Officer for Northwestern Minutes in Lake Forest Hospital, and if you got a question In the time remaining 312981 72 100 Glenn, Thank you for waiting and you're on w g N. Hello. Hello. Thank you. Um, I had the covid in November and totally recovered. Now. I had a blood test recently. The doctors still sees high levels of anti body within my blood and tells me not to get the vaccine, which is fine. My family and I want to travel overseas. And my kids just told me, Dad, you got to get the shot to go overseas. So, Doc, I'm a little afraid if I got the anti bodies now, and I get the shot I am I gonna like o D. Or should I just extract vaccination card over the Internet? Yeah. So, Glenn? Yeah. Yeah. Don't get the fit. Exactly Nation card. You'll be like that lady that tried to get into Hawaii. Now, listen, Glenn, if you do make sure all the words are spelled correctly, all right, Okay. Yeah. Glen, I agree with your kids. I think you should get back in ated. Um And this is a This is a good opportunity and frankly, you could go get a single dose of Johnson and Johnson that together with your natural infection. We'll put you in a really good place will have really good immunity. Um you'll you'll be able to travel you'll be able to travel safely. Um so yeah, I would go ahead and get get vaccinated. If I were you, As long as you're going to a country that let you in the end the single shot then Yeah, I think so. I think so. It would just be easier for you to do that. You know if you one shot and you'll be done Okay, and you'll have very strong immunity if you go ahead and do that. Thanks for calling Glenn. Of course, you've got to find a country that will let you in. It's not. You know, John, we didn't ask when where he was going. Yeah. I mean, you know, some places are totally off limits. Can't get in. Sorry. Jim, you're on WGN. Hello. Hey, John and Doc. Thanks for doing this, Uh, got a question for doctor when you mentioned earlier about getting the vexed the flu vaccine the same time you get to Covid vaccine, and I'm a pharmacist here. Um, what if you have a problem with one of the vaccines? How are you going to know which one caused the problem? Yeah, so I would never. I never give to vaccines at the same time, and I know CDC said okay to do it, but I never do that. Yes. So the reason CDC is is recommending that is they want to make sure people get the two vaccines and you and I both know you're a pharmacist. We know compliance can be a real problem. People not coming back. Second question coming back for the second vaccine. So when if somebody were to come in and say I would like both the vaccines if you were the council The patient, You know, I think we should just give you one and you should come back in a week or two to get the second one is long As you believe that they had person will come back and get the second vaccine. That's fine. But CDC just wants to make sure that people get both now The other thing we know is the incidence of severe reaction to any of the three coded vaccines or the influenza vaccine is extremely low. So the kind of reaction that you are talking about where we really would want to know what the vaccine it What? What? Which fact seen caused that reaction? Thankfully, now that you know, around the world now there's been over 5.5 billion doses. Billion with a B Billion doses of college vaccine Kisen. And we have a really good idea. You know, this is a pharmacy. What The side effects are so that severe side effects that we were concerned about when we first started are incredibly rare, and that's the reasoning that to CDC used when they say it's okay. To get both vaccines. But again, if your preferences the ministering, um pharmacist is not to do that, Obviously, that's okay too. Thank you. So much for the call. And doctor. I want to once again. Thank you for taking time. To, uh, answer questions from the W G M listeners. It's always very, very informative, and it's good to put the correct information out there. From somebody who has a medical degree. I know it's a novel idea, but, uh, John, All we can do is try and I appreciate the opportunity to To share what I hope is helpful information. Yes, it is. Thank you so much for being with us. The news is next from the northwestern Medicine newsroom. Hey, Jen, We need to sell our home. Do you know what Great agent I do? We just sold with the local Redfin agent. It was awesome. And we paid a 1% listing fee because we bought our new home with Redfin to wow. 1% are Redfin agents full service. Totally Redfin agent did it all and we sold for.

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