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Okay. They went on tour together. I'm not trying to be a bitch and say that like. With Lee Michelle, but one I just have to say that like it's so Liam shell to me like when she's not discussing Corey Monte ghost. Some things are too soon. Okay. Which is not discussing the ghosts of Corey Monte, just like the ad ceres and close friends like just reminding us that we're close we're friends, and then he wins an award and she has to face time because she's not at the recovered is almost two Liam shell. I mean, it's the only person that would. Okay. Also, I don't know if you caught this but Jamila al-jamal, oh when they when they switched her name up. Well, that's what it was. So they it was like Jamila, Al Jamila. Jimmy Djamil had to be on. And then it was Camilla which is her sister on the had to be. They said like it was at first it was Jimmy Al Djamil Camilla Al Jamal, and then someone else and then finally Jimmy Djamil. But what really killed me is she's dressed exactly like her character. No, it's promotion. I know see the synergy in Britain. That's what I'm saying. Like, these NBC contracts are psycho like they have to dress like they're on the red carpet. We can we talk about how how the three were separated from what's her name on the main on good place on all the photo sets fucking died like lily all the time. Like, she's separate shies. Kristen bell is eight is you are not list yell every much 'cause I mean, she I mean, she knows those guys co ads, you know, like, the check is good. I mean, I I pray for her index shepherds marriage. I have not been hearing good things about that. So sorry reminder. I've been seeing a lot of bohemian rhapsody stuff at that point on the red carpet. Remmy Melik had just been interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. And I have to say like it's going to be something we touch on later. But just remember that the entire time everyone is discussing this. No one has actually pressed for information about bohemian, rhapsody, Bryan, singer, etc. Like in all the interviews that always like, you, look, great gay rights. Love you in everything about him was one hundred percent avoided thought the entire show. Okay. So take it from me. What else is there? I mean, the red carpets. I have still so much left. Fiji water using memes to get people to joke about them, which is just a little blow. Honestly it add money. But like, hey, more responsive hick response of in Fiji water, by the way, girls is so problematic in such a terrible company, Google that shit this. It's such a joke to me is that easy. And e w were the first people alongside people magazine. To tweet about this. Right. All people who love advertising advert Orioles. There you go. And by the way, this is all planned Fiji is getting paid for every time. A thing is sold to a tabloid featuring their logo. That's how it works. Of course. We. Does your water? We always walking out of the gas stations like and so her being in every shot wasn't her photo bombing. No, it was not her photo bombing. It was. Okay, lineup for the shot. And in the camera because this is a sponsorship. It's like, okay. It's so funny. Shing Fiji water. It's like it's like on the housewives when it's oh God. What is the lotion Navia? Oh, they use the Navia lotion. And it's like always in the back of a shot. They're like one second. I just need some lotion. The kind bar some low. Yeah. And it's like it's something like that where it's like clear sponsorship or I was watching a hallmark Christmas movie. And she goes, let me go make coffee, and then one hundred counter is front and center is a giant folger's. I know it had to be. And so it's like, I get it. It's funny. But also at the same time you guys it's number fully on purpose. Also, I just have to say I looked into it the Daily Mail right there with the reporting on who this lady is already. Of course, she has her whole press cable. We know her family. Well, what's funny is her boy her husband met her because she's a laundry model, and he mostly shoots naked photos and laundry photos. So he has lots of tattoos..

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