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Walked the rest of my newspaper route with the bike and you want to talk about one of the all time pains in the ass, Connor. I was a pain in the ass to ride the bike. It was a pain in my not even ride the bike through the walk the bike. It was a pain in my ass to walk the bike. It was a pain in my fellas to fall on the bike. It was a pain in my gut because I absolutely drew blood on my gut from the ring thing, And that's the walk of shame walking away. What do you say? Can't say anything. You just walk away with the shame you think about the guy who had to be standing there on his porch looking at this fat kid. Walking an old beach cruiser tight bicycle. Holding onto his newspapers contemplating if things were going this badly right now, at the age of 11, how much worse is the rest of his life going to get Something to think about Connor that makes you feel a little bit better. One of the all time fattest things that have ever happened to me and my dad who is a my dad looks like Mr Burns from The Simpsons now, But my dad has always been thin is always been trim. And what looked like a mini Hulk Hogan at one point and I'll never forget the look of just like how it's like made of iron. How did this thing break son? How did this thing break? So, Yeah, There's a lot of There's a lot of self loathing from the bed from the old days back then that wasn't your fault, though, can that's faulty bike production? That's not your fault. That's that's that's a chubby 11 year old who probably are 12 year old who probably should have known better. Oh, God. Does that make you feel better about yourself, though it does it does. It makes me feel like you know what happens? T to the best of us, and you just gotta move past it. And forget about it. Now I'm thinking about all the other fat things. I used to do Some of that stuff. I'm not going to say on air. I can't see it. But what? I can't stay on her. I'll tell you off here. What is so fat? Embarrassing it. It's so embarrassing. I can't tell you on the air. You'll think differently. 8552 into four seem yes. How angry was about Doug Peterson earlier today, scale of 1 to 10 there, Connor. That was about a 10 that you couldn't get. You couldn't get past it. I don't like doing rage radio all the time. I don't. I think that it's easy to take fake outrage to tell fake outrage. I do not like even the outrage cells. I don't like to be outraged too often. I'm actually, I think outraged about the Doug Peterson scenario. I want to play a clip. This is from earlier today on NFL Network. I believe Michael Robinson on NFL today on the Carson went scenario go that was going to say what? Every barbershop in every you know. Everybody at work in their offices are talking about right. This looks like the Philadelphia Eagles chose crossing went and told the coach to go kick rocks right at some point, right? If you're your franchise quarterback can't handle any competition around him. What makes you think he's gonna be? He's truly the face of your franchise. Why does everything has to be perfect for cost of winter? You gotta make all these adjustments for cost of which you let a lot of good players go out of the door because, of course, the winch yet he played like he did last year. So at the end of the day, and I'm gonna keep saying it at some point, the Philadelphia Eagles we'll have to move on from Carson wins. That's Michael Robinson NFL network. Michael Robinson is dead on I got some harsh truths to tell Eagles fans and it's doesn't make me feel good to tell you. And you probably agree. You mean maybe you should agree. What I thought happened A couple of weeks ago, I was one of the people and I know that you guys were all excited about your draft pick going from 9 to 6. If you're that excited about going from the number nine overall pick to the number six overall pick because you think you need that pick that badly, then you might need to have a problem in the general manager's spot. Because of that guy can't pick somebody good at nine. And you have to go to six. I don't think you can pick a guy good at six. I don't think it's worth it. That's a Howie Roseman issue. If you're doing all this Because you believe in Carson Wentz. Then why the hell did you draft Jalen hurts last year again? That's Howie Roseman. If issue if you had a coach go out there and embarrass himself in front of a national audience by playing Nate sudden felt again, who looks like he was born to be a third string quarterback in the NFL. You have another Howie Roseman problem, but it's not just Howie Roseman problem. I'll do it again without being outraged because I don't want to get myself that worked into a shoot over it. But you had a Super Bowl head coach. Guy who you'll be able to know your hopefully and in time heals wounds invite back. Have it. Ceremonies for the 10 Year anniversary and 20 year and 30 Year anniversary and so on and so forth. And hopefully fans will be supportive. I think they will. What you have a Super Bowl winning head coach and a pretty decent offensive mine. Oh, no. He's God's gift offense or even God's gift to the position of head coaching. Go out there and have himself cast rated on national television by playing the third string quarterback over a guy who is supposed to be your future. And if he's not supposed to be a future, then why did you draft him in the second round? Why, if if everything's for Carson Wentz, why did you draft somebody else to help Carson Wentz in the second round? You could give me the crap about best player available, Except that doesn't wash when you have what you believe is your franchise quarterback And clearly when you move on from Doug Peterson, you do believe you have your franchise quarterback. But it's not even just that. What Michael Robinson just say Here's the harsh truth. Here's the thing that you do not want to hear. When he says what he says about Carson Wentz. He's right, and I said it during workers shoot, cause I was that upset about it. If we're looking at a guy were stop, Paolantonio was on the radio with us in Cleveland before the Steelers game or before the Eagles game. And said that he doesn't know why people think so highly of Carson Wentz, where he had one season of one good run that was close to an M V P, and then it just The following is a presentation of them. Michigan Sports Network from Deerfield I n G College. Michigan basketball is on the air. Welcome to the pregame show over the next 30 Minutes. 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