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Remembering her original looks maybe as unique enough and she definitely i think became sort of the whipping post in terms of the added in terms of the stuff that she was saying corrup coma eating with the asshole confessional heard around the world so this is definitely unfortunately her stock went down for me over the course of all star stray liana what he's think yeah it absolutely went down like marc jacobs i just assumed in my head that marc jacobs was like ou can't do this episode milk still they're always until the next up a soda and then i'll come in and guest are i just i think i was empathetic towards milk in season six and after after this i'm like i got no more empathy real mike day are calling right now they're claiming a chapter eleven bankruptcy for that's what's happening in the stock watch for her listen i cannot tell you i agree with you on her first season i just felt the milk was misunderstood i thought she was a little bit of a head of time in terms of pushing the envelope in terms of gender and queer identity and non binary ways of looking at sex and drag and things like that and i really really thought that she was interesting and now i just think she's a jerk i really do i thought it was so propo how chichi vein who said that milk has gotten a lot of people who are really really excited about the way he looks as a boy and somehow milk thinks that that transfers to the way that he is.

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