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Documented and their obvious Zuma. The judge who said exactly that your calls on this four one zero WCBS succeed. Here's the reason. This matters a couple first of all you talking about the balance in the Senate. If the Democrats were to successfully steal this Senate seat. And go to Arizona and steal that Senate seat. Let me right now cinemas actually head Mick Sally, which I think is bizarre. Can you imagine somebody here in the state of Maryland running for the state for the Senate, not state Senate but Senate? And the characterized Maryland as a meth lab of America. And the people who live in Maryland are crazy. Can you imagine that they would do well here? But somehow there are enough people in Arizona, presumably, many of them actually legal residents there who have voted for Christmas cinema. She's up by about five to ten thousand volts right now. This is amazing stuff to me. They get the representation they deserve. So if you take that vote, which is an outlier and you add the Senate seat of from Florida to the democrat. I'll you weaken the Republican hold on the US. Senate gubernatorial seats in Georgia and in Florida. Those governors are going to be in control when redistricting takes place. This is significant take a look what's happening right here in this state right now, you have a court that has said you need to re-carve aid. Reginal district because what you've done is craziness. It's crazy man crazy. So can you imagine that happening in a much larger state? Rick Scott says they'll look. You know? And I know it. This is not up for debate. I won the election. Well, we had eight people vote Chuck Schumer spent over fifty million dollars trying to beat me. But every supervisor elections before their results, I'm not about I think twelve thousand five hundred votes. There's never been a recount that's changed in Florida. Any other state any sort of win li- any sort of win like that? So while we're going through the recount, we won this isn't the state one. I'm going to be going to DC, and I'm going to do exactly what I try to change the direction the country like tried to change the direction of Florida. That's governor. Now, Senator elect Rick Scott of Florida talking about Florida from del Ray Beach, Florida. Here's Marty Mark. Thank you for hanging on good morning. Marty. No kidding. Marty. I think I think I think inadvertently he hung up his speaker phone and rather than picking up the handset mardi of his callback. Your comment is valuable to us. You are right here in the heart of things, which is in deadlock, rich, good morning. Hey, I this is why they're fighting so hard about Trump is with the Russians is because all the stuff that went on. When Trump was when we're voting for Charles, you know, he won and they can't pull he wanted. Because all the stuff that they've been doing all along. I mean, how could he win even if we fixed the election? That's more or less likely. But then one quick statement. If child molesters aren't allowed near schools, why are people that are accused of voting fraud allowed the judges and everything else there. Well. Yeah. If you've been accused, well, if you've been convicted of fraud seems to be you should not be allowed anywhere near voting booth. There you go. All right. I thought that one lady was I'm not sure I'm not sure about the law. We'll check thanks rich. Appreciate the call four one zero WCBS eighty toll free long distance. It's one eight hundred six eighty two Mike tells the good morning. Good morning. Bruce. Listen, this is so obvious. It's ridiculous. If you're logical at all, the Florida law is not being followed. Within a half hour on election day, you have to tell the total number of that have been kissed. That's not a week later. We still don't know that. Yeah. The the folks who run the elections board in Broward County are refusing to hand over that information. The reason for that law's there is for very simple reason prevents fraud. Exactly. Now. Here's another interesting. They're they're masters, by the way, the Democrats in those two counties are masters at muddying the waters. Okay. Here's here's here's a gimmick that they've got what is the weak point that they can use the muddy the waters. Oh, the post office didn't deliver the ballot. So let's count them a week later. Post office to deliver the ballots by lex day. They don't count. Yeah. Sorry. Guess what? Maybe those those people in the post office. Maybe don't want us to get there until they're needed in the Sauerbrey election. They kept shouting until she lost. Yeah. Well, that's that's the democrat technique is. I mean, that's exactly what Paris when Denic did generate votes out of thin air and keep calling you have enough votes. So that the Republican LS Arbor lost. I mean, that's why I said tongue in cheek of course, that would never happen here. Happen here, we seem happen here. And that's part of why this matters because we're living in a state where we have witnessed this kind of large scale voter fraud, and that gave us a governor of questionable ethical standards. And Lieutenant governor of who was his lackey the put it in kind words. So I would rather we have also elections look if they win they win if we lose we lose about if they're going to count until they win and then stop at that moment. This is Al Gore two thousand all over again, and one more thing. Apparently, they sent in by mail. I believe have to be postmarked by election day. Is that correct? Yes. Okay. Now, here's the weak point. Because of the the people who run the those two counties the election people. What's to say? All right. Well, the post office didn't get them here. They should still count. That's ridiculous that forces a hand recount, which is what they want. Of course. I say make the new law again, this is not for this election. But next election those ballots have to be postmarked by three days before the election. That way you get three day buffer for this happen again. We can't use that excuse the next time. Mike, thanks for your call. Appreciate it for one zero WCBS six eighty Mardian Delray Beach is back with us. We'll get to him it just couple of seconds. I you guys know the period hall heating and air as an awful lot of reasons you to call them, I did not too long ago there in my home right now and selling a brand new system for me. Here's a huge reason. I made the call right now, they're offering replacement systems that we see up to two thousand one hundred fifty bucks and combined manufacturer and utility rebates and these systems are quality, man. They're the top of the line quality. They're not some inferior brand. You've never heard of the push off on you their guys working. Straightforward. The competitor do this. Then be beware of that. 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