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The senate to reject the bill sponsored by gop senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy the groups warned that under the bill patients and consumers will lose important protection and those with significant illnesses will be charged higher premiums and may not be able to buy coverage they also say cuts the medicaid would cause millions of americans to lose their coverage bill michaels washington much of where recall remained without power and residents don't have access to running water correspondent roughly l romo says officials now have additional concerns for the safety of residents there are fears that a dam on the northwest side of the island may collapse flooding communities were about seventy thousand people live governor rosay yo met with mayors of 48 municipalities on the island trying to come up with the best way to help of the thousands upon thousands of people who are affected by the hurricane not only the winds but also the torrential rains that have flooded many communities across the island profile role most sent one puerto rico a textbook is being recalled in saudi arabia for replacing star wars character yoda next to former soda the arabian king faisal as he signed the un charter in 1945 the artis didn't even know it was in the textbook until his mother texted him and he said he decided to superimpose who had a next to king faisal because they both unwise figures i'm bartnik i'm scott tannen founder of boll branch were you can get.

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