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One hundred dollars gift certificate to arthurs in north brunswick so we'll we'll get to our final contest the we coming up in just a bit we knew it was going to happen right finally have our first the lawsuit that has to do with the band of non local out of town drivers in leonian new jersey it was just a matter of time before somebody said you know what i'm going to sue for this because i don't like it and it's a resident from a nearby town a resident of edgewater filed the complaint against leoni ah over the town's new rule about who can drive on its roads now it's a measure that local authorities in the town say is meant to curb traffic congestion that is caused by commuters who are always looking for a shortcut to get to the george washington bridge and no matter which rivercrossing it is whether it's the the george rudd bridge whether it's any of the tunnels that go to new york city i even in south jersey where you have a lot of local roads at all kind of bottleneck onto one of the bridges that cross from south jersey in philadelphia or north jersey into new york city everybody thinks they got away that's all well go this way there's no traffic when you go this way and what these apps that are out there ways none in these other road apps that are out there and traffic apps that are telling you to take these side roads well now the towns are kind of getting smart to distant sangok anybody that doesn't live here we're going to fine nam for coming through and leoni a i the until now i thought would have been the first of several new jersey communities that would have gone for this but now that we've got our first formal complaint issued against leoni ah maybe these other towns are going to to step back a bit and say let's see how this plays out first before we get involved it's they're telling people that we don't want them driving through our town uh the woman who has said the issue this it's a lawyer she's an attorney from ridgewood her name is jacquilene at rousseh jacqueline rosa she travels through leoni every day to get to her job and.

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