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Out of the thirty seven yard line for a pick up with three yards Donovan Newton makes the tackle for Houston that's not a huge part of his game but they do it just enough use it actually got a little bit of pressure there. and there's nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with getting three or four yards on first down if you don't find anyone open. second out of six of a thirty eight yard line Washington state of their opening drive of the game here the first quarter. and again according to work out of the shock of three receivers mere side one of the for side. and a hand off forty will follows blockers on the right side across the forty yard line of the forty three. so it's gonna get four more close to five is going to be thirteen short coming up now for Washington state Justin inside Jones scheme to the right the office line firing all concert stepping with their right foot porch he actually had a hundred twenty yards against Mexico state which is the first hundred yard rusher. Washington state. two thousand sixteen so they don't do a lot when you showed up to the challenge. third down in short. play action fake they come back near side table the wide receivers he's gonna be thrilled to a loss. back walkers in front of the bookstore for his way through that's gonna bring up fourth down from Washington state they tried to get the big left tackle Liam. run it's his job to block Stewart put Stewart ready sold well was able to jump and run it across his face to make the play Washington St still has the offense on the field. going to go for it appears they are here. three receivers near side one of the. or they just trying to draw the defense of the report due to the near side of the formation. waiting on the second snappy takes it looks right throws guys man first down. looking around. also on that former so the catch made by Aesop Winsted junior for a first down for Washington state boy do you have a lot of. quarterback if you throw the ball on fourth one like that I mean that is. close three I mean it's one thing to go for it but to throw it out of this read like that on a little slant route just shows so much faith in your corner back your receivers to make the throw make the catch. how different formation as they spread it all off. the quarterback is he's going to play the line of scrimmage to back in the backfield now along with the three gorges you what's the second snap. makes sense books out west side all day to throw the football now looking back right down the sideline the threat was there. all the hands of his running back forty down that right sideline at pass a little bit too strong. or you look like you tried to one hand that again the major concern I have right now from Houston's got they rush for their and they got nothing I mean you rush for against by the quarterback should not be able to stay in there for five seconds like eight the court was he was able to eventually. find for you before you could hold a second down a tenth of a forty nine yard line for Washington state. the tiger with the formation right now and it back into the backfield along with court shot gun snap Gordon rolls right by inside throws across his body complete with every day Martin down inside the forty five yard line but again that throw just a little high and wide. it is time to bring up a third down situation coming. the Cougars credit Houston for pretty good coverage there. find anyone at virtually. so the poll with there was little to contact before the poll actually got there related to the flag under appearance against a March third two percent to get to the Houston forty one to extend the drive. forty five his hands gets the snap set to speak throws apple again he was looking for first down your trying to get across the middle. I put up with this receiver organ. Anderson there in coverage for Houston that's gonna bring the putting it out of the field for what she did state that time. even had a six rusher come on the lady blitz but interested made a really nice polite we talked about holding serve how important it would be in this game. Washington state that the able to hold serve on their initial possession Oscar turkeys of which the punter angling one downfield it'll be received a fair catch call for by pricing Smith just outside his own ten yard line and that is where Houston will get their first opportunity beginning at their own eleven ten thirty nine to go here in the first quarter we are scoreless here Houston this is what we want to coverage of NCAA football. has your classic rock because this fall starting with test on September eighteenth. warming hits like modern day cowboys love song in the way it is. and get ready for the legendary oreo Speedwagon on September twenty.

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