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Leadership or something alley mark. Something was gone something. Intangible was there physically. I thought joe hayden handled his assignments. Well now get go back and say that that was true for all forty. Two plays at the offense ran today. Because that's all they all right. We joe hagan don de joy team up meant to help him because he can't do hip nothing. Yeah oh john real quick mark five. Oh four this is two shows. We've stopped the show twice now to talk to you and put you in time out. So i'm gonna block you forever because you haven't gotten the clue of we tell everybody everyone's welcome. Don't be a dick and you're just being a dick so Thanks for trying to come in and hang out. But you're officially blocked from the peter cast Forever sorry about that john Just wanted to put that out there and kind of like mark a little bit so you wanna go maker though he was a troublemaker. Like it was like donovan is like we at the double team with dom smith again. Because he can't do if nobody now because he just can't block he can't do anything at this point. I'm just so sick. donovan smith. I just want him next year. I don't even care. I'm just it's i'm just he's just nothing and the defense of lying. Yeah we have. Api for this year next year. But i don't know. And as i say on a two year deal we've got an and and if you can see without via available It's just dreadful right now without the dreadful but once again it's like the guy the guy who not rushing them have to do their job and they're just doing it right now loss for sure Disappointing you brent. I i i was i was. I was disappointed. I got so angry. And i was at that point but that i've just laugh and right now where i'm just like the joker now. It's like this is it not atrocity. It's a comedy comedy. At that point. I was like the joke in the movie. The oh this laughing my ass job as the rest of gal eleven mile penalty for the rest of that off. Take that off. It's fine in the wind over there. John is a guy like everybody. Got people lining up guy. I'll give you one more thing. And then we're gonna get you out here has has tag free mike evans. All right. i'm with you. I'm with you on that. I like that. Yeah make that happen. I really liked that. Free mike evans. That's way better than hashtag. I'm with nineteen. Wow that's a throwback all right man. John thank you so much. We'll talk to you next week. Okay pow see all right. Hey ren kind of very sad. And i know got so many people see lighting lining up here. Hey rain we got a question on a super chat. What teams are we in a race for the wild card with. I haven't checked the rest of the nfc standings all of them. Yeah yeah we're still early. In the in the season we're lost we went from. We went from being the. If we would have one we'd been the number one seed in the nfc. We would be in line for the by. I think now this loss being get knocked down to five but like seattle lost arizona law chicago law so it was a good week to lose all right all right. Well there you go. So we'll we'll see we'll see but there's lots and lots of football to played. I think either way the bugs make at least a wildcard. If we don't win the division we make at least a wildcard getting into the playoffs. Does that sound. Oh yeah yeah. And that's something we talked about. I mean we talked about the beginning of the year right like you know like everyone did. The bucks aren't gonna win this division the saints are right and we're gonna and the bucks would get wild card and we were like that too but you know you fast forward eight weeks and here we are with be able to take a game and a half lead on the saints for the division and be the number one spot in the wildcard after nine games and it wasn't even close. It's like they didn't even it didn't care like oh really. Oh what we're supposed to play tonight right. i. I don't even like. I don't even want to give that the bucks play bad in primetime thing like any. I'm not but but but really like i mean there's no evidence proving otherwise yeah. So like hey. Let's discuss this. Real quick guard puts in another super chat alley. Donovan need to switch alley out. Allies allies arms are too short. Okay get spiked when those people jp when they come up and they spike him try camera when they spike them like this on a shoulder. He can't reach them. Okay that's why people short play guard. Gotcha gotcha now tristan were. Okay let me let me add to. This is the time to move. Tristan wharfs over to the other side. I look. I'm not gonna sit here. And i don't want to overreact and pretend like i know but to what would you do Flip over put hate or flipped on dominant over there. Because basically you're going to have donovan and learn a whole new position and by the way he's still going to have to go against those guys anyway because all the teams now flip flop. Why shouldn't say all of them. Most of them flip flopped their best pass. Rusher he saw we saw jordan was over. Both tristan. worse and donovan's mostly against tristan. Worse right and then he had hendrickson okay. we'll pay. So what are you gonna do move donovan over the other side having played cam jordan. All night long right. And then. And because so i remember talking with alli about this idea remember when they switched him from right guard to center to left guard the year they were switching over to left guard. I asked about that. And he's like the only difference. Is it just it matters with like how you turn your hips and your body will naturally want to step one foot forward. And so that's really the adjustment is. It's just how you turn your hips other than that. Everything else is kind of the same. Yeah yeah it's just the first step because you're you know if you're playing right guard you'd have to step backwards i with your right leg And it's just the opposite on the left hand side right and probably takes about four reps. Get used to right right now. That being said i do feel like tristan. Worth says draw has blocked kim jordan. Pretty well yeah. So if you're talking about protecting the blind side then. I don't know how difficult it really is to switch that footwork. And switch those hips. It's not something i ever had to do personally. And i've certainly had to do it at the level that these guys do but Yeah i don't know. I don't know i feel like the ultimate answers. Were still sort of in the boat that we've been in offer this all time but ran we've got we've got i for tonight's show we've got somebody on the phone. Let's take this call caller. Thank you for holding on for so very long. You're on the show. Live here with brent and ran. Who do we have here tonight. Hated or video one life on he. Maybe just riding a little quicker. If i did the phone. Yeah yes sorry about that. Corey so i'll give you your time. Cory go ahead man. What's your thoughts. Rather don't ever ever apologize with. Nobody will call it in the so there you go. Yeah so. They had that. So i'm fine. How anyway the nice. Tonight's game Brought my point The one ball theory cry. We were a third overall aerial attack last with really basically to our seniors Cam break did some things though they been versus really receivers this. There's one ball and a lot of mouths is seen and unfortunately our very best stand out superstar according to madden only x factor while receiver is really suffering of being able to build a chemistry and river. To cargill is the problem. I'm not that's my issue. And i'm sticking to happen. Diversity of more like it really really annoys me. I don't know for the noise. Much as mike evidence but it annoys me that he has these gangs lattimore where he gets the ball thrown his way. There was times he was open. More lattimore was a defensive rookie year. I'm gonna say he's a very the corner where his head is all right. He's not a he's a better version of what with mel deane is not focus on double move eighty percent of the time. He's like he's not focused like thirty percents. So wanna seem like that but anyway tom. That's my big game is the fact that hey man. We have all these things in place to help tom brady. But if only working ball if you don't have to take care of from. A schematic sample. And i'm sitting here watching trae. Thirty five thirty six hundred seven and they were literally throwing the ball. Extend eight yards and getting first. Now i'm like. I'm.

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