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I know. America wasn't ready for that screen. You know, I read Tucker junior the Dixie hummingbirds broke through in large part because of his father IRA Tucker, a singer with the performance style. Nobody seen or heard before defer to jump off the states. All right. He jumped off the stage went down in your audience FANG to the people that was unheard of. All right. So that was something that kind of opened the door. Being away. Gus will had opened many doors by the nineteen fifties. The traveling groups helped develop a musical ecosystem of radio stations performance venues record labels that could sustain their careers over decades. So many of these guys who came out of quartet, and they bring that soulful nece, they bring the swag gospel, DJ and scholar. Deborah Smith Pollard, they bring that ability to reach out to their audience. They really wanna pull the on and certainly within the black community because they still have all of that presence that great voice that ability to connect with them. But with great popularity with something to sail comes money, and responsibility. Mcgaw? Bo you. That's the pressure to cross over to sign deals with secular music companies mounted for the best. Singers, it presented an excess sensual spiritual issue for the groups who wanted to stay together and sing gospel music..

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