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Well um it's it's been something we've been interested in for some time well actually fairly recently mud historically my the research i've been doing is focused on epigenetics which leads has led into this entrust in the environment and how it affects behavior so that's been sort of a slow process and in my research but on it in recent years we've become very interested in in the brain offers from work we started on the aunt us system and we actually have an aunt lab over at prome and school medicine um we've been interested in in anson studying their behavior they've been ah great model for behavior and then recently we became interested in mouse and on behavior of of a mouse in studying the brain an epa genetics in in the brain uh so that then led through conversations with michael that we can get to a little bit how we this whole thing began on on crossing species and studying mouse primate and even in human it so for people that haven't heard of epigenetics for before give us a little a better understanding of what exactly it is right i i think genetics this is the study of how on how the how the environment really effects on the way on jeans are expressed so on work we commonly think about mutations affecting genes in gene expression by epa genetics is the study of how uh the environment can affect the way genes are turned on and off without mutation so it specifically the effective how chemicals coming in from the environment through our bodies can sort of decorate the dna decorate the proteins that associate with the dna and change the way genes are turned on and off so that's of great interest because.

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