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Florence ion. Hello the three of us. How are we recovering after last the nicole amazement that was some recovery. I know still coming down. I'll start cloud. It was hot off the google cloud if view if you missed it you gotta check out last week's episode. It was awesome got a lot of really positive feedback from it. <hes> it was just a lot of fun really felt like we arrived. I i mean i know we're. We're a new burgeoning show. We're just you know. There's a lot of outcasts out there. We're just we're just getting out there. We're doing our thing but it was nice to see. He you know other sites reporting on it. We broke some news. It was very exciting to be part of that sounds very big deal here at all about android apparently so it might you might have a big episode but your latest episode is your biggest episode and that's tonight. That's right because you thought last week was amazing. Prepare yourself for even more amazement returning to the show on bag. Nell some gadget guy dot com. I'm just any gadget guy. Some gasoline go where okay so explain the explain the story behind the name. I wanna know what's the story behind. Some gadget got it so it actually came from. I'm an offshoot of when i was working in recording voice over and i was working at a talent agency way back in the day. This is two thousand six two thousand five and the way way back in the day. It is thirteen years ago. Oh look ron. That is one day okay right all right. Your third day is different than once okay. I can check it yeah so we weren't really allowed to have any kind of online presence and so i was trying to help voice actors <hes> come up with home recording according solutions and i started writing out mike reviews and home recording editorials as some audio guy and then that just sort of blurred those got popular and company started sending me recording equipment to review and then then it started get becoming phones to review and then it audio guide didn't really make sense pens anymore because i was talking about like laptops so then it just sort of shifted in some audio guy became some gadget guy nice that that's a <hes> <hes> makes a whole lot of sense that it was shift in that a lot of bases by just going gadget so exactly say one you cover a lot of audio and video like to the very core when you're looking at this stuff like you really dive in there like you're just digging being for bones a lot of people you know there's there's definitely an overview game. That's all about the prettiest video and coming up with you. Oh breaking a news topic and then there are. I think thanks to certain popularity algorithms online. We don't always have as easy time finding some of that more in depth longer term coverage a there's definitely a community of people people out there that have been supporting my channel that seemed to that that kind of commentary really resonates with them and <hes> you know maybe not quite as ten poll popular in the moment trending topic but it's it's always fun to to try and expand or try and find that little piece of information that you you're not going to get from a embargo week day zero launch inch review review of a product that consumer can't even buy for another couple of weeks absolutely <hes> it is nice when you can find that nugget yeah good. It's a fun. It's a fun rates right on well one. I'm happy to be on the show. We were talking before the show last two times that you've been on have been dying out so happy to be here lead with such such a good intro. I was like i was gonna make a joke like i guess i didn't upset you jason. Then i guess we can yes. Let's jump to any conclusions on put on a good face to happen. It's under protests. I mean it's going to be a long hour and a hassle to cover. That's right. We we do have a lot to cover today victor. I hope your finger is ready to push that button because it's time to push it. It's time for the.

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