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Six to eight what you're getting because I know you get a bed late right year up to like two I am someone godly hour go right what you're doing but then you see till about ten because that's just the law of averages right you're still get your eight hours no I'm not getting eight I'm going I keep its US six hours I would say six yeah I have two six really I need seven and a half okay right anything less than that and I feel like I've cheated myself in some way shape or form so I stayed up till about god knows what reason why I stayed up to watch the end of the jet game last night and then M. fifteen I got the bed I slept till six forty five six forty five yeah well the kids actually sub later usually one of my day I don't get I don't get a second six forty five slate for parents believe me I got very lucky on that one yeah I finally Facebook is predicting twenty twenty trends and there's one of on that I think you might want to try yeah it's a milk bath yeah they'll get milk baths are the rumored past of Cleopatra but now they're making a big comeback because I guess people that know skin care are saying that a milk bath really moisturizes dry skin really yeah that if you're having problems with dry skin head to toe taking a bath in milk seems to be the panacea enough people are doing it it's going to be a trend in twenty twenty do you do it this sort of bath naked of course really and no flaking over wifi want milk if I will be Goldberg I've been saying I don't want to microchip milk anyway you know she took the famous photograph of her in a milk bath is that what you're saying that because it's a it's a very famous graph yeah for on Vanity Fair I just want to excuse the pun once with my coaching no but he would say that he is a very famous picture of her she's in a bath of milk and it's in Vanity Fair and it's well known photograph Annie Leibovitz took it you know it takes a lot of interesting photos at legal what's yeah that's why I thought you were saying nice Irish girl right when we come back a good friend Phoebe the wise is here he is from and I heard station in Boston that we love and he's going to be joining us to talk about he always has some crazy stories the something about an octopus is going to tell us about I don't know that's.

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