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Six thousand some decisions or more think you'd be more successful than me in happier than me. All you. Gotta do make too dumb decisions a day, and they don't even have to be dumb. They just have to be the wrong decision. Be a good decision maker life's fast. Choose wisely, choose thoughtfully. I told you last week about Jimmy Garoppolo the Niners I told you last week that I talked to an NFL executive last week, and he said, Kyle Shanahan who's really bright. An intense would struggle with Jimmy Garoppolo during this building process for the next couple of years. He said Jimmy g. does not have the self awareness of Tom Brady from the food. Tom meets to what he drinks dozen drink to the trainer, uses to the things. He says publicly to the things he does publicly. Tom's decision making is brilliant. Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt again because of Jimmy Garoppolo dude, there's nine chief surrounding you get out of bounds. What are you doing Justin? Houston of the chiefs yesterday said that injury, I feel bad, but it was Jimmy, jeez fault. That was his phone. He's not hurting up to series, but she step out of balance. It's made a difference. You got yours. You need on each month team. K. your quarterbacks, your pilot. All right, maverick. I don't eat all these roles in twists. Once you land the puppy, you're a pilot of the franchise, get the bird down safely. I don't need to see the Grand Canyon off to my right or the Alps off to my left. I don't need twist in roles. We're not here. You're not a fighter pilot. You're working for delta, get the bird down that that injury just like the one in New England was on Jimmy Garoppolo who tried to extend to play when there's an old saying in the NFL for quarterbacks live for another down. That's why never gets hurt. So I- Brady never gets hurt. It's why sometimes Aaron Rodgers does live for another play. This is a guy by the way interception percentage in the NFL Brady didn't have the best arm. He's got the best interception percentage. He doesn't throw him either does Alex Smith, either Zahren Rogers, it's decision making, and this is not a kid Baker Mayfield and Sam darnold, Josh Allen. We're gonna make mistakes their babies. They're poppies. This guy is going to be twenty eight soon. He's been in the league five years, do better, be smarter. That's why when he came out and was on a date publicly after his big contract with an adult film star in Beverly Hills with TMZ swimming around the building, dude, do better, be smarter this. I mean you gotta do better than that. Now. I know the average, a young guy twenty three year old. Watching my show. It's no big deal. That's why you'll never have the corner office bra. That's why decisions are important. Just butcher to a day..

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