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Back to the show until you get married you need to start doing the single talk. He's talking to the singles in their finances right over there. Hey Solution Rachel's doing a pretty decent job. A lot of people are asking me to do that. It's just I'm tired of being saying. Listen the turn the volume up right now up real. I don't WanNa talk about it. I'm tired I'm thirty five years old. I'm turning thirty six this year. I'm like why am I S- you want me to talk to what you could not it. It is like you are a trumpet to the language Mine Is I. Don't want to do another interview bobby and single. 'cause I'm not the one who wants to. I don't want to be your poster. I didn't sign up to be here. I don't like this either everybody body you'll get that new freshly twenty two zero. That's excited cou. I'm a grown man. Do you know what I have about. Three names when people blossoming into an interview about seeing lists that. I'm not able to these three women who apparently really like talking about it. You go on. They can have that that interview short. Okay good well. I'm just saying to the singles that are listening to us today. Do like both of us single this. We can't be sneaky with our money we can be you have the opportunity. Don't do it be higher than that. Get somebody involved so thirty five year old guys listening because that's my hot crowd okay. They're listening he wants to get married. He's not married yet. Who Does he bring into to be accountability? On his money he makes sense is going to be himself into may be just fine. A young man like yourself. You know who's saying what I want to be a better with my finances. This is now A. You don't have to necessarily go to someone who is like a parent or something like that. Just go to someone on the same page as you and you all be honest with each other and say you know what you you have the right to check me. If I'm not doing what I said I'll do. Yeah and if you have those together that's me. I don't need accountability partner partner in this area of my life because this is something that I live by teach by is where you weren't walking about that Anthony. Anthony that a new car it.

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