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Marker now the second party can't tell was in jest but the first part is true Bryan Colangelo goes to be in the GM of the Sixers and a job that he should not have got that you know should not have received and Colangelo goes from having a nice comfy good job gets embarrassed run out of town of that job and now he's purchasing an ownership stake in is going to be in an advisory role with the team in the Australian national basketball league give a stock down the Bryan Colangelo for that's where he's at right now but then give a stock got the barber book teeny who should be the social media adviser in the public relations person of that all right let's continue with the negative how about Christian Hackenberg your boy Christian Hackenberg trace I love hockey is my guy you love hacks you love sac Enberg apple absolutely ruin that guy's career when they sacked in ten times in a football game and then James Franklin was trying to **** about the PSI of the football had the birds now trying to partake in a baseball career because his football career has that worked out how the mighty have fallen this guy was supposed to be number one overall pick at one point the first quarterback taken off the board as of going to the second round of the jets was a major region had zero success in the National Football League stock down the SEC Burke did you think that was a real story the whole baseball stuff yes said ninety other gun apparently he's come back he's gonna you know ninety on the gun that's when I saw the news over the weekend the lose Philadelphia was NBC six when their unit and the interview with them they said he had not gone the gun now his backyard so much after the gun is but apparently they're claiming he said ninety was accurate though that's the big question say I mean he's a big army Connick sentence can you throw a curveball slider changeup that's having a big questions did you watch any of the golf over the weekend by the way I didn't I was locked in Saturday Sunday have a price in the shampoo out I don't even recognize now you recognize it because of the hat but his body he looks like he looks like a hope right now you see slurping down these protein shakes it's like holy okay switch bodies yeah that's a great comparison yoke it's starting this quarantine got all skinny looks like Chris stop sports Angus now pricing PCM follow him out yeah I think he was like drinking five or six protein shakes a day you must the ball drop twenty five thirty pounds I think this is a twenty pounds you gained in this quarantine yeah that that's too much weight it took me that's not necessary for golf stock down to Bryson the sambo finally Bryce Harper I grew up as a cowboys fan now playing in Philadelphia you change what team you're going to root for would you ever do that trace let's say you have a successful broadcaster your big time Mets fan you got a nice big gig out in LA and they go now you got to root for the Dodgers but would you would you go to that that public peer pressure you know what what what would you what would your bow down genuflect to the peer pressure we continue to stick to your roots and say Love Me for who I am I could never swear I try to I try to switch teams I like to just can never happen let's be real you had Harper who was a probably phony cowboys and now that he's in Philadelphia it's rah rah rah rah let's be an eagles fan fun show today like that thank Johnny Damon like to thank Ryan Hollins each and everyone of you FOR calling listening and tweeting and my crew as well.

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