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In terms of rookie production, you know, I'm not sure that his ceiling real real big or real real high, but I think that he will end up being one of the more productive rookies just based on opportunity because they don't have a whole lot there. And then long term I think is upside is is really, really strong. Again in that Cooper Cup Nelson galore spectrum, and you know when Larry FitzGerald retires, I think that he's gonna be. He should end up being a very productive slot receiver, and this should give them a chance to grow with Josh Rosen, kinda like Jared, Goff and Cooper Cup. I think, grew together in their first season. You saw it in the preseason, even with Cooper Cup and Jared Goff. I think that we might see a little bit of that with Josh Rosen and Christian Kirk. This preseason. We also talked last week. I think about Ricky seals Jones after he had his off the field issue. So we talked about the tight end position a little bit there in Arizona. I guess my question at running back, Evan is if there's any place in deeper drafts in your mind for chase Edmunds the fourth round pick for the years on a cardinals out of Fordham, obviously, day of David Johnson chase actually grew up Evan, like less than five minutes from my house here and had an unbelievable college career. I mean his last year I think he got hurt was actually his worst, but he was like, I team American, I think is a freshman. It was crazy. Yeah, leads the patriot league in all time yards from scrimmage. I remember Josh Norris our resident draft analyst who you've had on the show a bunch of times talking about chase Edmunds loves them. Compared to even a Matt forte. I thought he reminded me a little devante Freeman, I love chase Edmunds. I actually didn't have many draft picks in one of my dynasty rookie drafts because I had traded him all the way for veterans trade back into the draft to go get chase Edmunds in the third or fourth round was very happy with it. He's I doubt he's going to be a redraft factor. Of course, barring an injury, David Johnson. But you know, David Johnson's in a contract year, and I mean, I would bet on the cardinals locking him up, but you know, things can go wrong there. Players can get hurt that's running back as one of the most injury propellants positions in all of sports. Maybe the single most injury Pence positions in all of sports, and that can lead to opportunities in the cardinals have pretty much already given chase Edmunds that number two running back position over TJ Logan. Over DJ foster. And I, I have like a little bit of excitement about him. You know, I'm a little bit biased because I really liked him coming out of college and because now he's on one of my dynasty teams that I that I like the most, but I, I really do like chase Edmunds and I'm, I'm excited about him being the number two running back behind a guy entering his contract here. One of the things I'm excited about you talk about it all the time, Evan, you know that we are trying to gather as much information as we can to make as informed decisions as we can. You know, nobody's perfect,.

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