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Do well without being the special effects are the ways here and have a big budget okay wasn't a big budget movie moderate budget there are people that want to see this movie but not the same number of people that wanted to see the star wars film right are some of the action sequels so i think in hollywood there's developing to levels of success serious filmmaking and all the others mmhmm and a lot of bigbudget films this summer tanked yeah three or four of them so it may be just a factor of my age but i mean i'm looking far to the star wars movie i've always love those but i i look forward to movies like breads choice and and stronger than when we do no more so tomorrow we'll talk about stronger harry him you're my choice take you appreciate that taught you tomorrow this fall cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever live too close to your perry needs face first i don't like your challenge yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile move back we must establish some growls i understand that no mug feuerstein gold and linda laven star hallands daughter martha is bob bomb what you get the first one now it's my turn out series for their cbs monday october second cbs wednesday in the fight against terror they have an opportunity to snatch a high level i sunk manner as might be early sza the us navy seals or our greatest weapon when these two words this nasa send in august de boer yannis stores run but she from hearing wednesday only cbs sunday morning on cbs i'm jane hauling the the earth this is exciting you've never seen anything like it and reach for this dis hey this is pretty fun look through a telescope at gold experience thought provoking inundated and the regional reporting because there was only something new under the sun on cbs sunday morning.

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