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To represent himself during the trial despite overwhelming evidence against him. I'm Ed Donahue. Good Wednesday morning 16 three 48 in the morning on WTO pledges. Robbie and whether all of the 8s and when it breaks over to Richard or this morning to the WTO traffic set up, southbound on the Baltimore Washington park where they found the crash it's about halfway between paramount road and NASA Goddard, the crash along the right side single vehicle off the road into the wood line but emergency response takes up most of the right side of the road where you're squeezing by single file to left for the moment, but that could change, we will keep you posted, but for now you are getting by by staying to the far left. Once you clear that, nothing else anyway down to the beltway and green belt, even inside the bubble headed down toward the district here in good shape. No problems to report along 95 headed south toward the capitol beltway in college park to 70 south from Frederick down to the beltway also looking good. That way to Montgomery and prince George's county is also without early issue. On 66 eastbound despite the wet weather, as soon as some of that started to move out, they set up a couple of work sounds and they're still in place. Eastbound 66 as you approach 29 centimeter 52 and extends through the fairfax county Parkway, single file right gets you by the work zone. Beyond that next works on just as you approach the capital bellway and continue over top of the beltway, there you're down to a single right lane to the past that works on the ramps to both the outer loop and inner loop remain open, down in Clifton, kinslow road closed between no Glen driving yeats four road, that as a result of large tree which came down on the pole and wires that is closed until further notice. Ashley's Black Friday sale starts now. Beat the crowds to Ashley's best Black Friday mattress deals, save up to $800 on adjustable sets, plus up to 72 months, no interest financing at Ashley, rich hunter WTO traffic. The Rain has moved out, but still seeing some wet roads in parts of the region, so watch out on your Wednesday morning, drive safe and slow down just a little bit. Now hi a 52 on Wednesday in the city, but rather breezy and still a little bit chilly 45 and wind chills in the 30s on Thursday, even with plenty of sunshine. I'm storm team four, chief meteorologist Doug Cameron, keep that jacket ready. 41° and hyattsville 39, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 41 as well, foggy bottom, we're at 38 and holding at our nation's capital. This check here on WTO P, this

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