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Award winning talk show. It's America's favorite non fungible Till gins glory in June and fungible. I just think of foodie, and I just think of it. A tele shrew. Just Yeah, you know, so I always hear needs a weird name. I don't understand it, probably like Trish Jenner couldn't believe her years earlier when we were welcoming Patrick with dirty laundry. And I said Julia, who's saying that song and your network and I go no dire straits! Trish reads. No John had left and I was his legs are running up the O R room with Josie. I was not sure honey, you were so that is so funny because you were so sure because you said, you kind of understand not only non fungible transfers, and I That's you have there ago explaining to you what is the money behind and have tea? Was cash. Okay, but Okay. I'm gonna give you $50 cash and I'm going to get it non fungible token. That's worth $50 that I'm going to spend where On what you see. I watched a Sunday morning not six shoe, right? No, but we watched. We've talked about it. I still at the end of today. It Z. You don't understand. I don't any more than I know his dirty laundry, You know, Like, you know, some of our parents or grandparents are confused and get scammed and get weird. Don't you feel like we're starting to see that beginning of that for us with Starr? I'm never gonna get scanned by N F. T s. I don't know. Maybe we're missing the boat and pretty soon the whole world is Colombian and everything, And we're gonna be way behind and we're gonna wonder where it all went wrong. And here Echo. It was march 31st. Yeah, I I'm just gonna, Yeah. I'm gonna really hope that you're wrong about now. Take a long time starting to get confused by things and I'm like, Oh, I'm getting old sucks. That isn't what it means. It doesn't. We must readjust your things. Okay? You never think that thought again, especially Yeah, You can't because it's like just because you don't understand. They're all of the ages of your life. There have been things you didn't just understand, right? That's probably true. Right? Your relation I how to be an adult. I mean, you know, we're always so easy. We're always Learning the beauty about getting older is you can decide when you don't want to learn about anything anymore. Okay? Like Sharon Osborne decided she was not going to learn anything from her experience at the talk. He's just shopping, an interview and trying to get on dancing with the stars. But you can decide you don't want that. You don't. I'm not gonna I'm done. You know, I don't want to be a part of that. I don't care about that. You don't want to be apart. Don't think of it is that you're done too old, But I also think, but Jen Shah, you know there are people. Yes, that I think the pandemic really. People were stuck at home and Ah, lot of people answered their phones like they had this interesting guy who is a data scientist. He was on Bill Maher couple weeks ago and he worked for Obama when he was 20. He graduated. You know from Oxford, like when he was 19 and he's a data scientist. But he said the reason why the polls were so off politically in 2016 and again in 2020, he said. Democrats or people who lean Democrat or independent. They answer the phone more. They're more willing to talk to people. Okay, he said. Sometimes it's a re framing of like who is answering and sure who is susceptible to the same, So they know things about people that will pick up the phone and A lot of people, he said in 2020 were so lonely, so bored so scared. So this so that the people were answering the phone? Yeah, something to do. Yes. And so that's why scams were up. Right opinion polls were kind of seemed to be to one way or the other. It was very interesting thing, the what they can figure out about who picks up the phone. Yeah, that's interesting or answer service stories or anything like that. But I also think there's so many new things with new technologies and everything coming up every minute of every day. How are we expected to know everything, and I don't think there's anything to do with age. Well, no, it isn't back on that, you know, because there's just too much look at me and never learning how to right Click. Now that's been around forever. I just don't lorry out of right quick last week, I don't know the reason for The dream is possible. The dream is possible, and I'll never forget wouldn't get little sister Catherine's like, Where's the dot com button? When I was telling you to look something up, and this is before they even had it Because now you do si dot com on some on some things. You know what I'm like. What are you talking about? Just what fashion item is experiencing an epic collapse. I'll give you two guesses. One for you, Rocco one for you. Julia George calls Yeah. What heart genes are genes you think is collapsing. All right, Rock o Business where? No silly Okay, People are saying goodbye each other sweat pants. Oh, people are putting in close again. Yes, people are peeping ankle or pretty people are growing tired. Of wearing comfortable clothes. And when they go out in the world, they realized they don't really want to schlep around looking like that. Yeah, you know, so That's what's happening. Okay. Also, if you need to see somebody will give you a smile, Laverne Wimberly has become a social media superstars. She is Laverne Ford Wimberly 82 years old. She, um, she always wore like she always has been dressing for church hat. Fantastic, she said. For years, people knew to look for me in the last row Section two dressed to the nines. And so when all of this started, she just started posting a picture of which your Sunday best to her Facebook page anyway, it's posted. She's 82. She was principal and the superintendent, but she is so cute and has about this amazing Hat, So we posted that, but it was just, she said. People always like to see what I was wearing in church. So when I posted photos people were like this is lifting my spirit and she's done it. Like day after every Sunday. Very, very cool, Super cute. Yeah, so that dad's posted for your For your pleasure for your pleasure. Thank you again, Trish for setting us straight about Don Henley and I don't know what I have in my head. If I were on a tribute thing, I always think it's dire straits who sings dirty laundry. Sounds like Mark not for what is the song minute work Sing. They had a bunch they had gonna be now down under under you, man, you know, And then I feel like the next time will be dirty London really associated that song with that I mean, because it was like 82 waiting around for it was like all that I still can't believe when I went down the Tina Turner Rabbit hole this week that Mark Knopfler wrote private dancer for dire straits and then when it was done, he's like, You know what? This shouldn't be sung by a man. Gave it to Tina Turner. She turned it into a giant hit, right. That's insane. Yeah, never guessed market and we forgot to talk about the fact that a writer and Tina Turner had beef Oh, yeah. I also in watching Aretha last because that was basically we watched. That was like making this. Uh but Aretha kept her private life. So walled off beyond Tina Turner was exact upset. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, you know, talked about Yeah, about that. That was kind of counting on both of them just really was their beef over. Um, I believe it. Woz Tina Turner was being introduced as the queen of rock and roll or Queen of rock and roll and soul or something like that on a Rico was mad under title because she's the queen of soul. Okay, because when that came up in the documentary of Tina Turner it that I thought that was a wreath, his name. I didn't think that What the queen. It's all for the queen of Rackham all when it came up during Tina Turner that I thought that was like she's queen. It's alright, right. So anyway, but I mean, they don't get to like how much it really was. I don't know how much they overlap. I mean, there could have been jealousy or something. Maybe a little envy. Envy, I guess on the part of Aretha because Tina Turner had success with I continue Turner, and then she totally reinvented trail blazed. For herself and in a way because Aretha wanted to act. Not that Tina Turner did. But I don't know. I don't know if it's made immediate competition. I'll just invented scandal like I can see this in our future. Yeah, it just felt like you know, I always sometimes one everyone, um Everybody to get along. Yeah, I ever I don't want to put any two women against each other. But I think that there was something alright alright, listen, we'll be right back with random thoughts. Are you loving the my talk YouTube channel? As much as we are..

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