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And he continues to settle big horse after big horse including max 'field who goes to the post in today's grade one whitney at saratoga and brendan is with me. Live from saratoga. This morning brendan good morning. Good morning mike. How about that trip down memory lane. What do you remember about that. No yeah remember like it was yesterday Like to be honest. You know it was great. We are thrilled You know he's a he was a good horse like you said he was our first grade stake when he went on to do some great things and Kept us into game at a time when we were We were struggling a little bit too. So he'll always be He was a place in our hearts you know. Did you find brandon that. After that victory year phone started ringing. You started to get people talking. More about brendon walsh and sending you a few more horses here and there did you find that it was almost an immediate increase in attention after that when he went on thankfully might even done that fall and he wondered. Well was the old breeders cup marathon as well. So yeah i mean it definitely would Was it goes. You know he definitely did did more for us than probably any horses done. You know he put us on the map. Finacially kinda got the whole thing. Go and but Yeah i mean that's that's the best form of advertising right is when you can win these He's type races. And now you're sitting here with a horse. That's among the favorites in the grade. One whitney you have a horse in the gray to glens falls stakes at saratoga. Today you have horses running a stakes race at ellis park today and tomorrow d ever just stop and look back and say oh my goodness how did i ever get here. They do all the time It's it's daunting to look back. And wonder how how did i. Actually i think if i was told i had to go through it again. I don't know but i would. I would even try but But no no. I don't mean that it. It's been great You know it's nice to have a horse lake despite today you know That's where we all we're all the game for is to have Or some like him. You know top. Top top course and You know hopefully. I don't know if there will be any Many as as nice as them but You know you're always striving for the next one. I guess you know it's funny. You catch a five horsfield in the whitney and you go okay cool. We're all going to have to beat four other horses and then you look at the past performances. And you see knicks. Go in there. You see the champion three-year-old filly Swiss skydiver in there. You see silver state in there for hall of famer. Steve asmussen the all time leading trainer in the history of thoroughbred racing. And you have to go. Oh my goodness what do i have to do to catch a break right. Yeah no exactly. I mean it's a tough race but you know the weight me it saratoga You know no no grade one. Absolutely no great. What is easy You know and it'll be it'll be a great test for For max today you know. And i think he's off to you know he. He's ready for this now. Not gonna turn around after sale. Maybe wasn't ready for it. You know finally got some seasoning into the horse and you know he's been doing grazed Which i think he showed his last couple of rooms and you know. I don't think we'll of any excuses from that point of view If things don't work out today. I think he's ready to to do this. And to take on these type horses and hopefully proves that he is good enough to To run with the very best of them. What are some of the things brandon that you've been looking for in max 'field sense that win in the stephen foster that that tell you that he's ready to fire a big shot here today You know he he just. He doesn't as very level or temperamentally. Might you know. He came out of this race school since he does. And you know he's he's been he's done grade since he's he's done really well at saratoga which i think horses. Ken do for some reason when they come up here. I don't know if it's the cooler weather the war or what but horses just seemed to do. Certain horses seem to do often when they're You know i was talking about assistant. Yesterday we were talking about. How much easing okay. I mean it's scary the amount of food that this horse consumes You know like stuff like that and then his works been very good. He's he's done great physically. He's moving grazes. his works have been spot on. You know we've gotten to do exactly what we learned to do. And i think when you're able to do that then you know you you show up on the day and you know you've given it your best shot and you know after night. It's up to him. And and up to jose there doesn't appear to be much other speed to keep nikko company on the front end and we know how dangerous he can be when he's loose on the lead he loves this this particular distance. He's two for two at the distance. Do you do anything different or have a different conversation with jose ortiz knowing that okay. We can't let this horse get too far out in front or do you just stick to your game plan and say. Hey we're we're gonna take our shot that we can run them down late. I mean i don't. I don't think that we need to change. You know like like mexico. He doesn't need to change his plan. I don't agree with the change hours You know he. He probably is the lone speed there. But i don't think that kenny mcpeek. He's going to be a million miles away from them. I don't think that steve has some sources gonna be too far away from them so you know he probably will be under lead but if you know if he tries to slow it down there that i think they're going to. They're going to be there where they can jump on. You know I don't think he's going to get an easy lead per se You know my arms probably isn't going to be a million miles away from a meter. Yeah good stuff. Talking to brandon walsh here on the horse racing radio network brennan you also send out temple city terror in the grey to glens falls. Tell me a little bit more about temple city terror. Well she's just great great feeling to have my she. She's you know just a hard trying really hard knocking philly..

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