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Did that. In between doing stealing angels than I worked at their Record Label Promotion Company and I was a song plugger. An I started doing hosting jobs. Jen and I are like the dynamic duo. Hosting drops together. We did this show called sweet tea. That never aired, but it was so fun It's of like highlighting South and then we would do. We did like live hosting for the riverfront stage down in Nashville for artists that were playing in summertime. and I realized I loved hosting. And, love hosting I had learned how to interview people and be interviewed and get engaging content now from the amazing race like I learned at what. They're looking for for those short little clips on TV like what makes an engaging quick interview. I just learned so much from doing that on the amazing race, and I was like I love hosting and I I didn't even know that was a job. That's how like following your. Heart does lead you to your next step. Because when I moved to national is nineteen years old to be a country singer I had no idea as an end up being hosted a podcast hosts like named those things existed, but because I followed my intuition and what was driving. Driving me, and what was it what was making me feel curious? I ended up just following path and so then. I was like you know what I love hosting and I I. Just heard about podcasts. My friend winter a bit who have also interviewed on. Get Real, so go check her out. Her name's win elder now. Was Like Carolina. podcast you know all these interesting amazing people and podcast about to be the biggest thing to hit the world, so you need to go ahead and get in early and started podcast and I was like what the heck is a podcast i. have no idea what a podcast is, but okay. Let me figure it out and I'm going to start one so I. Did my first interview was Darius Rucker and it was amazing and. Started rolling from there and then flash forward few years I have been hosting for a TV show called net called national insider, and they highlight all local country music news. It's been such a blessing in so much fun interviewed incredible people on that show. and. I recently last year partnered with bobby bones in his podcast network. National POD casts network called, and it's been awesome to be in IHEART. Bobby bones family, and so that's really my story of had gotten to here in the meantime, I had sunny Last year last year in September and for you guys who fall my story Michael on I struggled with. infertility I out of its infertility, but we Could get pregnant, but couldn't hold the baby. I had a miscarriage and chemical pregnancy and we tried for. A year to get pregnant and I was really depressed than in a dark place and I thought all hope was lost, and we'd just miscarried, and then right after that we got pregnant with Sonny and. Sonny has been light of our lives. She is a true joy, and I have loved being her mother more than anything I post all the time about being your mom and motherhood and things I'm going through and tips I've learned and things that are helpful to me and so that's a lot of my content these days because that's pretty much my life. I don't know if I finish the stories after Michael and I broke up. We ended up when I moved back to Nashville. We ended up. Reconnecting and we realized that we were each other's true love, and we eloped four months after we got back, I got back to national. We got back together. We eloped, and in the Bahamas got married. And now we've been married almost seven years six Omar Nathan. Place where I can't remember how long we've been married. We've been married forever. And it's been great, and he's in a band called horses. A on new song called a song to remember. Check it out everywhere on Itim spotify wherever you listen to music, a thousand horses song remember it's so so good I mean it is such a great song. Thousand horses toward that ruined from Jason Aldean's Kid rock to Darius Rucker to Frankie Ballard to. Bosh everyone. They were supposed to go on tour of the black. Crowes a few times this year before covid hit. And fell apart which rose cool cool story are Michael's cousins. They are his second cousins, and so he's grown up loving an idolizing them forever so now they're all in music and they're going to get the tour together. Oh special, but. Anyway, so that is a brief brief brief summary of who I am, and now I'm going to answer these questions that you asked. Okay, and then just sum it up to like that all sounds like bullet points and everything's Been Peachy, keen, happy go lucky I am a super emotional person I. Am a four on the program which is individualists, and so I oftentimes get lost in my feelings and I'm super. emotional I. Swing from High Salo's all the times I feel everything. I'm super, super empathetic. Sometimes I feel so much. It's overwhelming. And I So I've had a lot of crude dips like I have had super highs to sucralose, and before I realized that life was a pendulum and that you're just constantly swinging. I would really lose myself in those lows like when things fall apart of when my bands would fall apart when? When amazing race ended or Mike when Nebraska or when I I just feel so lost it really take me down. The older I've gotten the more of lived through those highs and lows. I realized that that's part of why in the doesn't freak me out as much as it did before like. It still sucks when you're going through the low swings. But I also know that it will swing up the other way like nothing lasts forever, and so I learned that especially being in a creative lifestyle. Your wife is not really consistent, and so I've learned to just go with the flow. That's action at my tattoo means I have these three birds on a wire and one is sitting on the wire, and that's the season of waiting when you don't know what in the hell is happening with your life that you're waiting. And then the next the birds flying because like the waiting prepares you to fly, and so sometimes you wait sometimes you're flying soaring sometimes you're coming down and it's just a cycle that continues, so don't ever get hung up on one of the phases, and not just a constant reminder to me to. Realize that. Life has so don't when you're in the high moment. Enjoy it, but don't don't freak. Don't hang on so tight, but you can't live when it isn't a high beaumont anymore because it's going crash eventually, that's part of the process. So. Near questions. watching her episodes of amazing race, you should go into details of that, so it is so funny that my sister and my niece Catherine Genovese just started watching all my seasons, amazing race, and so gin and I have been talking on the phone I was like I'm. GonNa start watching the amazing race again. I haven't seen it like five years, so I started watching the all-star. My Gosh Jin on episode to Gin and our about to get out because I had a symbol this very intense remote control car that kids Rydin. In China and I cannot assemble, and so I got assigned task. I was full blown melting down, and there's this thing called the express pass that if you get it, you get to use the past and skip the challenge. In one of the team's, the cowboys had one. And Express pros for themselves, and they had one express passed to give another team so as a very strategic thing who the cows we're going to give this express passed to. They needed to get rid of it because they don't want they didn't want to. It's an advantage for another team. It's a disadvantage for the cowboys to have that. They WANNA. Get rid of it, but they need to get rid of it in a way..

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