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I honestly I have respect for him. I know you feed them until lable. I do not hate him. I actually love him. And you're not his game. I'm not getting personal versus nothing personal. He's not playing. Well as a quarterback. Here's why I hate to Joe again, my entire life was built around the notion that if you are the best you will get your opportunity, right? So I literally devoted everything in my life to play in the NFL under the guise that once I got there and showed I belong that. I would be able to stay there. And once I showed I had the ability in more than the rest, I would give opportunity so for a guy. I don't call it. Resolve that Nathan. Him in as the starter. I call it. Stupidity. I call it going against the football gods. I call it. There will be a rack to come down on the Buffalo Bills that will stink forever. Why do you put in this kid in the game? Are you kidding me? He is terrible. Go find someone on the street. You mean to tell me Derek Anderson who was golfing for the last year, he's been scratching his butt eating bon-bons and watching scandal marathons on whatever network it's on and he came in. And he was a better quarterback than what you have in in in your locker room. So go find somebody else. This is not the best. This is not one of the thirty two best quarterbacks vailable period. He should not be starting. And I feel like there should be a stain on the head coach whoever keeps putting this guy in they should wear the interceptions with and they should wear the terrible passer rating, they should wear the terrible results. And all of that. There is no world where a guy should get this many chances in professional football and play as bad as he has. What do you do? It's not options there already tried to go with the armchair golfer, and Derek Anderson, and he got hurt they decide to row prior to rail. The prior is a better option than Nathan Peterman at quarterback. Go look go look at their passer rating stats I wanna say throw prize career passer ratings like seventy nine quarterback rating. Nathan Peterman is like thirty five mode. You're saying that's bad. Most new passer rating the Nathan Peterman. I'm sorry, again, if it's families listening. I'm sorry. I apologize. I don't it's not personal. This is a I wouldn't go to the NBA and expects them wanna start me at the two. I'm not good and win the fans and everyone tells me like, yeah, why Andrew Hawkins starred net to for the Portland trailblazers. My family's not going to be offended. I don't belong here. I'm not good enough to be there. I tried. I shouldn't be there. That's that's just my. That's my thinking. I'm sorry. So one thing is for sure is that Maytham peterman's family has already one star rated us and unsubscribe their Tomahawks descriptions, all his family listening to the show. All right, man. Let's move on. I think it's time for the match ups of the week the Tomahawk matchups of the week at a brand who do you got hawk? I got the Rams and saints too high powered offense except the Rams have a good defense as well. So I wanna see the Rams defense against the saints offense. I think that will be the determining factor for the game. But. These are the two leaders in my two picks to go to Super Bowl, and I say to pick because I picked two different teams one in the ESPN and one here on the time I'll show just a little bit a little bit..

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