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Journey norm. Paddock's, you know, it we can make the segue here a norm from in this day and age where we're looking at shootings, and we finally got into a place where police have body cams on we want to see the surveillance footage. And it's all about getting that surveillance footage. There's other places where surveillance is taking place, and we don't want it. We were in an age. I mean, I take an gobsmack by buffet urge everybody Sheshona Zubov the UP oh at the age of surveillance capitalism. I'll to get into the segment if you want to grab that's all. I mean know we are surrounded by devices that promise to make our life easier. And that are an offer us conveniences and connections to one another thing in the try to intimidate our every need and salt this on the grounds that. This inter connectivity. Between people then things will make our lives better. And you know with the body cameras work apple the body cameras. Expedient daily get the officer perceive imminent risk is for her. But with respect to this infrastructure of connectivity on it comes at a price. And it seems to be a price worse to use them to pay that would have been unthinkable when you and I were kids, and I I was a kid well before you, but the point is that that were giving up a sense of privacy. Inexperienced told we should like now this business of surveillance Catholic start. Remember when Google came online, and we rolled like, wow. This is really cool. It's going in cool. Google's stated objective was to make all knowledge assessable airport and that sounded like democracies promised fulfilled in a digital manner. But Google learned something along the way, but looking at what we served in search proper. References they were gathering what called meta data or data about us in our purposes with win Ed created with the data of others. And then you apply a instead into high-powered systems could generate predictive patterns and people would make it possible to manipulate and their control. So for example, long before Russia's so the election. Facebook was conducting studies on of its own private about whether electoral results could be manipulated. By means of digital influences. May concluded it could now when you read now get Muller report, you well, you know, Russia hack, and he and used Wicky we to the Trump campaign into the whole large. Okay. That that's disturbing. But what's even more disturbing? His as you sit in your home this morning, and you ask Alexa, turn later with the cost issue. On may be listening to that. And learning about inflation, your tone of voice, your preferences. And they'd be using this material that generate ever more complicated or formula to predict what you'll do when you'll do it. So that when you walk out the door, perhaps your phone, we'll say, it's raining state. Wouldn't you like to stop Putin's bagel doesn't it is that a commune scores in an intrusion who gets to control the data? We don't know just this week China soul to Ecuador a significant portion of its surveillance that read so that 'Ecuadorean cookie surveilled what is trying to do with this data generates things called citizenship points. He's citizenship points rape, people in terms of their desire ability and your or may determine what you get when the mortgage whether you were the first quarter plane at all what areas of. Determine it raises the chilling prospect of total control in someone's hit in China. That's the state in the United States, Twitter and that crop. Now, they make reassuring boy Lucas Facebook Justice week Facebook reported earnings Wall Street analysts for little little bit disappointed the somewhat, but why they? They hit a five billion dollar right money. Set aside to pay an anticipated Federal Trade Commission regarding breaches consumer privacy. Facebook is happily money can't believe paying millions of dollars in point to get more and more information about us. So that we could be controlled in our data sold for third party is benefiting in. So remember Skinner in each about behavioral scandal wrote a book called beyond freedom and dignity, and he said our notions of individual autonomy of them. Pickles science will give near collection of data about us in a scientific method improved will be able to understand behavior completely in. When we understand it completely. We'll be able to manipulate one another for the sake of better society. Do we really want to home? It's our. Something fundamental human Bishop. So I might you is the age of surveillance capital. The at the unwash- Kidul empire that we are all willingly Philly ourselves to is sort of fundamental threat to her weaken of ourselves, and it may produce a change is fundamental. And this is. You mentioned it again to show zubov's age of Valence capital. Her view is that just as the industrial revolution changed our relationship to how we cookies things to society on the age of surveillance capital is changing our relationship to one another into ourselves in fundamental weight such teenagers having techniques to. The internet pissed off you get when you're goes online message, that's dependency on something that didn't exist. When most of us were did the world's changing beneath their feet, and we need to be asking fundamental questions about what we do and who control exit the knowledge in whether that she'd be hint entities like Facebook or Twitter or should be regulated in some fundamental respect. Norm. One thing. I would wanna point out is an it's so hysterical. Like, you're you're referencing. The these great books to gauge of surveillance capitalism might go to places like rom com. There's some movie coming out called long shot and it stars. Charlie's thrown. She's running for president. And she's reconnecting with somebody. She used to be his babysitter. Played by Seth Rogan, who's an out of work journalists who now all of his stuff you're talking about right here. You wanna talk about surveillance capitalism? Somebody somewhere is paying for it to all resurface in an effort. To take her down take her campaign down. So everything he was watched doing it home everything. Alexa, told him to do. So there are people willing to buy our information to perhaps sell it to a third party who wants to make money off us, right? Who wants to make money off our interests are hobbies? There are others of your journalists. If you're an attorney, if you're a radio host, Alex Jones in Addis, dare I say Vinnie Penn there might be somebody willing to buy it for takedown purposes. Well, I mean, I know as lawyers I mean, we routinely checks social media accounts. If people in both cases, what they said who they've said it to and what they've done in from time to time. Find an extremely embarrassing it get a weird even digital footprints. Everywhere we go on, and when does put prints to embarrassing places, you know, oh, well, you know, in the political realm can run for all that evoke. Improvident at some point in their life. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's the most interesting thing if if Trump's going to be remembered really for for for any that, you know, how we always has society get to apply sometimes it takes thirty years is interesting the time in my life. When I started hearing, the the aunts and uncles in my life, suddenly that vitriol for Nixon, you know, it was wearing off Trump will be remembered about is really the first Twitter president, and and that's going to play a key role in all of this stuff. That's archived that stored. There's a kid out there right now. Norm. I believe fourteen fifteen years old would be president one day. Who's got to be aware right now. Everything you're doing from this point on everything. You're you're clicking on you're searching. You're you're responding to is being stored somewhere and can be used against you. That would have been Bill Clinton. He was at conniving. You couldn't control that. Here's an interesting thing. It's coming back to haunt him in DC this week and ran into Alex Jones and read and would actually protesting at the White House with Julian Assange orders, very time that Twitter CEO was meeting with Donald Trump promising Twitter, we do a better job of policing our discourse or debate during. Yep. Coming election. I'm not sure that's a problem. You know, I think Trump has to be profoundly villain about that. As our chief executive of the national government. I guess he he wants to control us or control speech. But isn't he the one who wants to use it? So here, you know, Trump is in this sort of in bargain with the devil right now. Twitter to stir up he's gotten complete control of government as well as much than effective in in. Now, the gods of the social media Twitter Facebook up hair courting him and promising to police are that we don't get out of control at I I don't wanna be policed. By the sucker, book Dunkelberg. I read in the time. The other day spent twenty two million dollars on personal security last year. I think he's one of the most dangerous minute of Eric. Yeah. That's interesting stuff. He's definitely in over his head. I don't think the guy could have ever seen down the road to key role in the world. He would have his little invention would have his little engine that could turning norm pads right there. I'm constantly blown away by what comes up in my Facebook. Feed. The marvel stuff doesn't surprise me. But surely somewhere, there's something the algorithm is picking up what I'm hash tagging etcetera etcetera. But clearly there's a a filter in place. Not every not everything I write about are every place. I visit online am. I pedaled certain wears there's all I don't know. If that makes sense any of you listening, there's already filters in place. Otherwise, I'd be there'd be a lot of interesting sales going on that I made privy to. I'm always made privy to my marvel of a marvel comic book stuff at cetera et cetera. I went to see the blue man group. I didn't even have I never wrote a thing about them. I I never took a picture in there. I never said I was there. Never hashtag them within twenty four hours. Blue man, there were all over my feet when I brought it up to an IT person. They said, oh, you got ping to pawn entering. I I didn't know what what do you mean? I paying well. Your phone. The in the air, you're paying that you were there. So we're way farther ahead than we're aware of sometimes that's a good thing. I'll see something brought up wi- wanna buy that jacket. That's sweet it's a an adventure hoodie, then other days, I'm curious cheese. I've gone to that website and this website, and they're not offering me up anything. They don't seem to be biting as far as the algorithm is concerned to curious. It's Vinnie Penn filling in for V who will be back tomorrow. Would love your thoughts on this at six seven to six at farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision.

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