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Although he he asks what's next in when there's when realize there's legitimate air danny's body will have a wave like starting that whole thing up i guess so that's that life funds away the hits exactly so yes what's next he realized there fucked and then terry and shows up followed by sirtzi essential center armies to the cause of north and fight alongside them we know that's bullshit then then we go over to winter fell where santa worries about the john's message and little finger says you know you just unnamed john is king in the north and you can take the title can lady of winter fell she says aria wouldn't allow it little finger says uh tent tells her how to understand arias motivations essentially by playing his his version of the game a faces which has assumed the worst she plays the game and realizes that arya could be here to kill her and become the lady of winter fell we know this is all a ruse eventually and i think that like there's there's a lot of ways you can read the what's going on here but i i think that it's pretty clear that at at nothingness else this is the point where sanzar realized she's being played because in the last thing this little fingers skydiving or towards st and knows and our bones that that's not ariz motivation like last episode is about aria convincing herself to sanza was true blue for starks now playing the game a faces with her and then leading stanza make decision because she can't four sir right um and this was the episode where like she's like wait argues doing this to be the lady a fucking winter fell latent are is never wanted to be the lady of winter fell this is bullshit i ask low lerner but i finally learned and now i'm going to fucking i feel like in this seen question number two like what what is a motivation and uh i.

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