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Cocoa roasted. On. Doing! So social say like flower. Fruit stink and he's others. Fridge magnet. Brines, this is like a thing. She becomes obsessed with Nipples Yeah. I've read about that. Yes, windows this start happening. This is very young. One of the theories on this is that she wasn't breastfed by her mother, and so she's always had this vision with Nipples, and so like Robin Williams eventually goes and visits her talks about how she puts her head under his shirt, and like reaches under his shirt for his nipples as like. Show me your nipples is just like a thing that she's really obsessed with I. Mean Howard Stern does that so? Somehow not news worthy on his cell, and apparently penny asked her once. Like what's your deal? Cocoa like? Why are you so obsessed and cocoa signs nipples nipples just like. She's not on. Coco is Blake link generating endless titled. NIPPLES are nipples by. Michael Cop A Cocoa essentially gets to two. THOUSAND SIGNS YOU'RE GONNA say two thousand nipples and she's probably more than that honestly. I A big thing. Is You want her to have a baby? Because they want to figure out if she'll teach her baby to sign, so they bring in this other chimp named Michael to try to have her meet with, but apparently he's much younger than her, and they don't really get off on the right foot, and so she kind of friend zones him like they just sort of have a brother sister vibe and there's apparently. Taboo among guerrillas. Coco's like I have a personality. Yeah, this guy is not taking my boxes. So that doesn't really work. They bring in another guerrilla called in Dumais from the Cincinnati Zoo. Cocoa chooses and do from like video old video dating websites. They show her all these clips of different guerrillas. So end, do mainly this video. He's like I'm kind of a homebody. Enjoy, a woman who wants to see my nipple? Yes! So they bring it in, but that doesn't really work either I think he's also known her. It just never quite works because he shows up and he's like I. Liked you better on the video chat. Something like an extremely relate to I love how cocoa has the same problem as Janet and the movie singles. Video dating show. Cameron curled content oriented. But despite these troubles, this is win. The cocoa fame goes into overdrive. I love that we're doing this like behind the music of cocoa slake despite her problems with finding a mate. Co took over American culture as success skyrocketed. Don't roast my transitions. How else was I going to get out of that? That's my only. Know. Feels like an episode of biography. That's all I got these two things adjacent in my notes. That was the only way I could go from one to the other. It's like Reading Coal Miner's daughter by Loretta Lynn. You're like wow, like at the same moment that their personal struggles. He's like topping the. So what happens is in one thousand nine hundred eighty s on the cover of National Geographic I. Think I have that issue of National Geographic actually. Do you remember what it would? It shows I believe it was her in all ball That's the second cover. Oh, that's her second cover. I don't know what her I cover. As it's very interesting, it's a photo of her taking a photo of herself. It's like what we would now understand is like a mirror bathroom selfie. She's holding. Her face and like taking a photo, and so when the vokes this image that is very important to a lot of the rhetoric that at the time that like she is regarding herself. She's looking at herself..

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