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Wasn't it standoffish in any way, I told him dick barthel was there. That's the one year that they had a one at home, one visitor agreement with North Carolina. Right. And they came down for that home grain, but great experience, he asked me, could he hide from Dick Vitale? I told him dick was a totally Dick Vitale was looking for when he came in the door. A quick story on Dean Smith. I only met him a couple of times, but he was in a regional in Birmingham in the 80s. And they were playing auburn, it was like a sweet 16. And I followed him out of the gym to ask him a couple of questions, and he lit up a cigarette. And he looked at me. I mean, I was a reporter. It wasn't like I was working for a local newspaper. And he asked me, as we finished the conversation, do you have to mention in the article that I was smoking a cigarette? By the way, I just found out, I mean, this guy is one of the most famous basketball coaches of all time, and he cared about his image enough that he didn't want anybody to know he was smoking. Well, on the same subject, I hang wimp Sanderson out to dry here, but he bummed a cigarette alpha me. BD's was an assistant coach back on her last quarter. But many days asked me, he said, has been around to Obama cigarette. And I said, no sir. I said no, not yet. And he said, well, it becomes around. You give him more. It don't matter. I buy you pack next time I sleep. That's correct. Yeah, wimp is one of the I mean, he's a Hall of Fame character. That's for sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, well, listen, it really great to hear from you, Mike. Thank you so much. We head to the break on a busy night where a lot of things have been going on all afternoon long. We had Mike Greenberg on at the beginning of the show. We had a dellinger. We talked Clark Lee of Vanderbilt and your phone calls the rest of the way.

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