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Just talking to read one of their tour hands or about that and he's like he was telling me how he was like the only one like all day j- noticing it and so he went out to remove the mother's age but the fun thing is we're not there. We're sitting on our sofas but we get to watch the whole thing became media so i feel like we all get to be a part of their shows. I was hilar- there's nothing like being shows but still social media's next the next thing next best thing about it so i just feel you like social. Media gives just gives us a window to like what we're missing and so i love social media for that reason. There's so many good things about it but like we were saying earlier. There's also so many things about about it. That seem a little bit fake like aspects of it that like your rudeness can come out and you're like there's so many good things right so many good things. There's a lot of things that i think when you have younger children to like things you want to protect them from absolute which i think a lot of the kids are facing those days which sh we never even our older kids never had to really grow up with the right i mean we're not so different now for like you know recent really on social media to where she's doing it herself right. <hes> you get a little older. You need to interview our kids. Yeah talk to our kids doc about issues that they face or they deal with with it. Yeah exactly. Let's do that for a future podcast. I think so. I think that's that's a good idea i can't i just can't imagine like i think in terms of anna mostly when i think about social media and i can't imagine the pressure of like always like i don't there's just so many people who are like so like fashion oriented in the everything's always perfect and everything looks so good and you always looks like no one has a pimple and no one has and you just feel like so much pressure to be that person and like i. It's just so much pressure. I felt pressure as a kid trying to live up to everybody. Else's like sort of you know the unspoken expectations of what you're supposed to look like getting your terms that we had or whatever to be popular but now it's like a global thing yeah a little bit of next eleven. Now it's own. I agree but so let's do it in the future. Let's have some of our yeah definitely and boy yeah because i know ryan deals with the same kind of stuff but i feel like girls in particular to have a hard time in u._s. Have girls acid totally different. Yeah all right sure yeah. Let's do that and the little guys wanna hear that you guys want to hear about our girl no kids and let in maybe there's certain <hes> topics within it that you'd want to find out more about or you'd want us to cover when we had someone ask us or when we ask questions on twitter like what are you guys. I want to hear on our podcast. We've got a lot of those people saying. How do you navigate social media right you know how do your kids navigate social media. How you know all it does show part of everyone's lives and it is it is a part of life no matter how you try to have to take it you have to be able to to not be so serious about it though you can't make your entire life and like especially these kids who thinking taking yourself so serious and stuff like how many times have you guys had a picture picture taken of you at a show up in your tagged photos and you have like okay for me. I'll speak for myself. I have like eighty seven shins shen literally eighty-seven chins and i'm like okay. That's like flight and i'm not happy about it. I had a show just the last time i was on there. <hes> this girl is like. Can you get a picture and i was holding your phone. I don't know how it went down but she took a picture of me and i looked at it real quick and i had like forty seven chins uh-huh. Oh no no no no. We're taking another picture and so..

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