New York, Bristol, Melbourne discussed on Mag Heroes - 7 Rosa Park (Editor of Cereal)


Well known so you know if you if we have new york will also have saved bristol so it's that balance is it will soon become continents or tonkov place the plane once sick to together yeah i mean we have been kind of conscious of trying to cover as much ground as possible which of course can be hard when you're such a small team in your an independent publication by i think i think we are getting there i mean we are featuring melbourne in the upcoming issue which is fantastic is that's the first australian city that will be covering and then in the issue after that we're going to be going to south america for the first time as well so we are trying to make sure that we're going further and further afield to give our readers the kind of content they deserve which is your varied n farreaching but um we all particularly say like right these are the continent's that we have to go to it's more about do we have a major city do we have somewhere that's you know uh brings much more interest from a visual standpoint do we have something that we can maybe introduced to our readership that they may have they not have heard of so that's more of the priorities for us than anything else you can eat i mean over some crazy like different places in the travel to the missiles we the yes to get content from each city yes so one thing that rich and i are very adamant about is that every single place that appears in our magazine we have flown there and done our research and then we either then send writers of tiger for his afterwards or they come with us so what we include in our using is very very personal contact these are things that we love and that we're telling our readers why and how of so.

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