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And then your life. Your life is your almost seem like you're very reflective. And you're trying to build some momentum towards a sense of balance and wholeness, but I feel from you. Like you're still on that journey. Like you're still like what you're trying to say to me, is that what you're what you're saying is that you're always learning? You're always going. And you know what would you tell someone right now? That's just starting out as an entrepreneur for the first time whatever age. They're like, you know, there's a difference between c I actually believe that being an entrepreneur is less risky than being an employee. So if you're if you're good at being an entrepreneur, I think it's way less risky to be an entrepreneur, that is to be an employee, but it was so risky to honor. It's so risky. You know, I think, well, one as entrepreneurs, we tend to we live in the solution, more van I would say somebody working for a company that knows that they can depend on that paycheck, and they live with illusion that, that's always going to be there. And I actually have a really good friend. That's a top level executive at a cruise line company, one of the larger cruise lines. And she said, I have so much respect for people like you. And I'm like, why, you know, I it's like gimme some point of reference. And she said as an entrepreneur, she goes, you're able to figure things out that people like. Myself, we don't have to figure that out in, if we ever got laid off, if our job disappeared tomorrow, we would really be stuck where entrepreneurs, you're constantly looking for solutions. And I'm like, oh, that's interesting. And I think you're I agree with what you're saying that it's less risky to the poor. But we can minimize risks. Also, there's the emotional risk the spiritual risk the just living life risks that I think it's when we have the mindset of an entrepreneur weekend, create out of but is in that isn't that all that risk that people talk about isn't that the blessing like isn't that what isn't that? What makes it so great. It's like so if you were to say it's like, what people do as they get a job, whatever they worked there for ten years, they get a mortgage, their family. They're in they're in now. They're in the house with the white picket fence in the neighborhood, and they take their kids to soccer on Saturday, or whatever it is. And they're not really thinking about solutions. They're not really thinking about where the m-. Money, they make comes from and I think those challenges even if your business fails as an entrepreneur, that's just another challenge, right? That's another absolutely. And, and here's the thing, there are certain risks that we, we should encourage ourselves to, to take. But then there's other risks that we really need to minimize the risk of taxes. For example. I know a lot of people that never get their business set up in a way that they have an accountant in a her, you know, quarterly taxes in, you know, in the US, we have all these I, I have to say, I love the healthcare model Canada. So I've thought Canada, just for your healthcare model. I wanna know do you want know, do you want to know what the difference between candidates and the United States? There's not a lot of different. I know you, I know you pay more taxes. Well, I mean that depends there's also tax strategies here too. So what's the difference? The difference in the number. If you wanted to say someone what's the difference cultural difference between Canadian? Americans and you can sum it up like this in Canada. You have the privilege of owning firearms and the right to healthcare in the United States. You have the privilege of having healthcare and the right tone firearms. Explain that to me. So in Canada, you, I have a I have a position at possession in acquisition license for restricted firearms, which I can buy a handgun. But if I buy that handgun, I have to be registered with their CFP who I am that that is at hand gun, and I can only drive it to certain places than it has to be on a certain route, and it can't be fired anywhere, but a range, and then if I buy hunting rifle I can buy one and take it home with me, but I have to have this license, and I can only by a certain amount of amunition, and it can't be any type of can't be any type of, of a long gun so a long, Moshe rifle can't be any type of rifle designed to kill human animal. So it has to have multiple purposes, other than killing humans can't be any kind of salt rifle. It can't be any kind of military type of rifle and handguns are very highly restricted what, you know, if you're sick, everyone has the right. To the same level of healthcare. Whether you're the poorest citizen in Canada, or whether you're the richest citizen and Kennedy of right to access that healthcare in the United States, it's the complete opposite on that issue. Right. So you have the right to own firearms so anyone's allowed to own a firearm of any kind, whether they're military grade. In fact, the second amendment is not about protection of property. It's about citizens being able to fight the government on the same terms. The government can fight them on. That's what the right to bear arms is about. And then healthcare is a is a privilege for a certain when you achieve wealth status. You're correct. And so those two arguments diverted from one another in Canada and the United States, some were, you know, before the second will war. And then after the second one were those two issues, accelerated whereas Americans doubled down on firearm ownership, and the right to own a, let's just say guns that are designed to kill one animal you right. Right and Canadians and the rest. Of all the western countries doubled down on removing people's ability to own those kind of firearms, and, and giving everybody access equal access to healthcare activists. So that's the fundamental difference between I think not fundamental. But that's one of the major differences. The replaces Mercator go in one direction. In Americans go in another direction, but Canadians are so much more polite than we are. I mean that's a myth. Be rude to me now. But. Americans Americans are, are, are very insulated in a sense, and I'm it's very broad generalization, but Amar most Americans, they don't know what's happening outside of America, and that's to their detriment to actually, you know, they, you know, America's the whole world. And that's that's it's a hard problem Fisher yet. And let me let me share something that I had a conversation with somebody at a dinner party, the other evening. And she said, well, American is the richest country in the world. And I said, let's stop right there, I said, that is the biggest load across I've heard because look at our education system. Look at our healthcare system, look at how many people actually are in poverty here. Look at our homeless situation, those do not reflect an abundance society. Sure. Maybe dollar wise wherever we came up with that, that statement where the richest country in the world. But there is so much that we need to work on as a country to take care of our people. And see. That's what I do appreciate about Canada, is that you take care of your people. And, you know, there there's more of a community sense than where in our country, and unfortunately, it's the current administration, there is such a separation of them against us in whoever them in acid. I mean I it just it pulls me how much we've separated as a country, rather than figuring out solutions together, yet, it's very dangerous for the world for the political compromise of the United States to break down the way it has. It's very dangerous. I absolutely agree. Like I mean, great political compromise. The United States is completely broken down and to just to just to comment on your on the, on the wealth, like wealth, being faith family, friends and finances, like there's different ways to be wealthy. A lot of American states and I don't know if this is exactly true, but there's a lot of American states that spend more on incarceration than they. Do on occasion. Yes, they do, like that's tragedy. Rather than that is a threat. I agree. I agree. I mean there's a lot broken with our country. And if you dare to say that all of a sudden, a class of, like, oh, you're you liberals. It's like wait a minute. You know, it's like, let's, let's look at the core of the problem in. I think it's a it's a breakdown of. Yes education breakdown of the spiritual foundation of, of people's lives, a breakdown of just so many valley us that we used to value that have gone by the wayside, and I think it's something that you can't fix in one fell swoop on. I know for me. I have I have a level of compassion for people who are out on the streets that maybe somebody who has in there doesn't have, but I also have a level of chop love I was talking to a group of women in a homeless shelter recently, and one was coming up with all the reasons why she ended up there and I said, not let's get down to the brass tacks, you're drunk, and you're drinking has got you in. A lot of trouble. It's in the u up here until you take responsibility for that. And somebody who's not been through what I've been through couldn't talk to her that way. But because I've been there done that I could talk to her in a way that somebody who has just they're preaching theory rather than reality. So I think that, you know, we, we do have to look at what abundance means what wealth means and it's so much more than than just money. And in my business, I used to teach a lot of a six figure courses that was like the start of it, six-figure, content creation, six-figure speaking six-figure writing, because I had been there done it. I had created that in my business. And then I got to place where it's like, wait a minute. Let's not just focus on the money. And the reason I focused so much on the money at one point was because at one point I had not. And then when all of a sudden, lots of money, you know, like, you know, you're having months that fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars just going. I've never seen this much money. But I had to realize that it wasn't just about. The money it was what the money could do. And so now when I, I work with clients, it's really about what's the lifestyle that you wanna create and in that lifestyle which the community service, you wanna get involved in, what's the gift because if we don't give back we end up like we've ended up in, in the United States, where it's a lot of separation rather than community, yet,.

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