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Tend et viktor. Saids again again. But yeah fly pole-sitter about the newly slimmed down trips down hot kim jong And to be joined as always by my co host. Mr miles. Great might be that choose. Boy ondeck oh boo or early. Yeah give me tuna me J. diller beat and her majesty yea shout out to chrissy combined all my interests cold brew. Italy subway tuna and j. la. You missed. we'd though so you almost got them on him by partner. Her majesty was shot to you for that. Wonderful into the groove. Our alarm would have gone off. He hit hit. hit them. All every dimension of my personality Miles we are thrill less to be joined by the host of the web crawlers podcast to great writers and teammates on the pistol shrimps basketball team. Please welcome the brilliant and talented. Melissa stanton and ally I always not on the basketball team. She she's an honorary member. Ajax that's healthy. I don't think asked When they were having tryouts again and no one circled back to me cope. it happened. We haven't played in a year now. I saw a picture of yourself playing so okay. It's okay comments really quickly okay. harvey danger. Flagpole said Is favorite song of all time and also one time i got food poisoning from a Subway tuna sandwich in sixth grade. And i threw up on stage during rehearsal for the class. Play and a having had a tuna subway sandwich. Since oh my good- we knew those facts why we did this so yeah up the pistol shrimp spot satellite research team in someone's getting fired but what was the play in. What was your role. It was play on greek mythology that my music teacher created and made up munroe playing. I feel like it was like an off broadway production that she just brought to my elementary school. And i've played heya. la yes. i did okay. That feels like a teacher. So i wrote this musical that we're going to have a production. Elementary school okay. That were you able to work it into your character. like improv. off of the totally yeah flow to in everywhere. Seamless like unless we're from. I'm from the great state of michigan kalamazoo show. Yeah you looking at the hand yet. down here southwest gotcha gotcha and did you have any terrible experiences with subway. Tuna j. dila we'd madonna flagpole sitta making sure no. I do love that song because it's a theme song of the show peep show like british comedy show show. I think we can all agree since we're talking about how good that song as the night nailed it might performance of it your songbird. I've got perfect pitch melissa shopping. Corn did wait. Ready tassell ing. What's corn detangling sounds. It's a job. I had because when you were like fourteen or fifteen you could work as a corn to tassell or and they would. You'd wake up at like five. Am they'd put you on a school bus. In you we went to indiana these cornfields and you would just pull the tassels off the corn. You would just walk through the fields and it was so hot you would get this thing called corn rash because like it gets your arms and you got paid like i dunno eight dollars an hour which was like he's back then especially for child labor. Yeah but it was not they would like give you five minutes for lunch and like i get sunburned. Fifteen what child labor the cornfields filterless only court. Okay tassell is the tip like that. Has i mean that's the thing that's top of the right. Easy buddy that like we okay right apart you never see at the store. Dust in the stock market field. That's a city boy puts it together my mom from the pictures of the field. But not what you get whole foods right when it's already and the cellophane and styrofoam traded comes in. That's not in the field either. It is actually. That's amazing that's That's some real hardcore shit to be in. La your first jobs like peeing on someone's like show like like our de tacitly or like at some person store that's like yeah i know higher kid hunters to send your like someone's assistant in like that's my first job and moved to. La assisted when our basketball team like in kentucky to raise money for the basketball team. I have no idea why we needed to do that. But we would work bingo halls and fish shows shell a fish like s h. That was. I think it was like go to fish. Shows like work basically work the parking lot like direct traffic. But then you were at officio and like your classmates where they're getting fucking high out of their mind. There are that many fish shows that happened. It was like well thing. Yeah it was just like we had. There was like an annual horse race that our basketball team always worked the parking lot and an annual fish. Show what's your favorite fish track. I had i was not a a fish. Aw trae into the wu tang clan and all you gotta pick one can't have been held then you fuck this whole soft actually. There was one album that i got into that. I can't remember the name of like. Billy breeds or something like that. Okay aren't fish. People intense like are like grateful dead people as they follow them all around. Yeah there are certainly if you follow. Yeah i know people who straight out. I know people who did follow fish around but yet it's kind of energy where 'cause it's like their shows are just so like they're just so jammy that it's like you out there off on psychedelics and mike. Let's jump rope and we're thing it's like real acid broke acid out. I wanna do when i take. Acid plastic combat jump rope like shows or people on site conducts. The weirdest objects people use to get their energy outlook. I've seen led jump ropes. That are like like you know. I had and also i was in the marching band in high school and our drum major. Who was the due to how the mason do all like the fucking twirling shit. He would go to raves with his own like gigantic close stick and do like the wildest light shows with his drum major skills and he was like he will wear these baggage o. Pants and i remember seeing them like hell no. I'm the focus center of attention at this rate so yeah people got nice accessories very cool. Do you remember those things from.

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