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Low in come families as one solution some community activists like t a bird safe plucking families out of poor neighborhoods can fuel urban decay it adds to the mass vacancy that already happens because of just general disinvestment in and lack of access to funding and when we do that you you sort of develops narrative that you can throw away a community and you throw away a neighborhood and that's not fair the people that want to stay so model come on the morning jennifer cummings can understand that argument but she says she would have done anything to give her children a better life than they were living just months ago i want them to know that there is something else out there better than what you see you now that what's a round you you know what you've been through i just want you know then the c inexperience something better and so i do it all again it's dark even if that means waking before dawn to drive across town in doing it all again tomorrow for the pbs newshour and cause your health news i'm sarah varney it has been quite a year in the world of science the headlines and images were powerful among them the rupture of enormous iceberg scientists taking to the streets the solar eclipse that captured the attention of the country and new insights into the workings of the universe william rang them sat down with miles o'brien to get some perspective on at all it's part of our weekly segment the leading edge so what when you say is the most important science story of the year i think there's little doubt william that the big science story of the year is a political story sort of political science scientists concerned about the trump administration and its climate denial or climate scepticism took to the streets in april twenty second earth day thousands of the march concerned about that climate policy but also environmental policies the administration also frankly concerned about their funding and not long after the new administrative the epa came in scott pruitt a lot of evidence that they had reason to be concerned there was a purge of scientists that received epa funding many of them associated with academic institutions which made more room for corporate sponsored science.

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