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Or the John and Ken show John kobylt Ken, chiampou KFI. AM six forty nine we'll be bringing some even Jim Patterson from Fresno Been all over this DMV story be, coming, on. After four o'clock talk about the the wait times And, of course explain just how antiquated. The entire DMV computer system is, I love the part. Where they they actually handout little paper tickets they write on tiny paper tickets unbelievable on the nothing no ability to text us anything mobile. Right delis have better systems really I because it's usual star, of the DMV so. They can ask for forty years and for forty years the forty years I think they would ask, for more money We had a couple of, upgrades though some sort of programming upgrade well, they they occasionally by some. Kind of upgrade but it's a. Patchwork, system my they're constantly doing work arounds no they. Don't have one brand new integrated modern system they're. They keep adding extra. Parts and nothing's compatible so it doesn't work I just They should bulldoze all the. DMV offices now really just as anybody who has, a license you get to keep those licenses for five. More years bulldoze the offices. Fire everybody Now we'll start again On, LA John's. Favorite topic the homeless apparently I'm trying, to find, it, here. Your buddy Mike Bonin John is going to have some sort. Of a little meeting he's trying to get people to go to a meeting where they can urge. People approve of these. Like, a homeless. Center yeah the, Garcetti. The car city right a brand new Garcetti coming. To. Every council district exactly. Right here it is Says here I am. Oh here it is Bannon is asking. People. To go on Tuesday August twenty. First awards the, Venice neighborhood. Council they will consider motion to support. Bridge housing, in, Venice. So that's another term they use bridge housing like we just. Walk across this bridge and then their life will change and they'll be permanently better we'll never have. To deal with them. Again, is that. There's gonna be, another. Forty people it's gonna help for three million dollars. Yeah. I like. The one Downtown. The good thing about this is most of, the time. Despite what, boneheads like bond and, trying to get people to do the people against it. Mostly will show up. Because they know the impact of this of not putting some maestro you you have to be absolute about it don't they. Don't even debate it just say no every time bonnet opens his his oral whole they're. Just say no stop talking you're not. You're. Not getting this done A friend of mine ran into somebody. Who is a Garcetti supporter Garcetti lackey, and. Mentioned that we've called the all the homeless. Encampments car cities and the guy panicked he. Said no don't, repeat, that don't. Say that. Like he knew instinctively that Is he. Still running for president yeah I haven't heard anything about? Him I there's a story I think we got it somewhere in this pile that that he has campaigned for the. Mayor of Manchester New Hampshire already and he hosted a fundraiser for the South. Carolina Democratic Party already did. That? That was a while ago right. But that's, that means he's, running, I know but I thought well I thought he was testing the waters. And now that it's calmed down I think maybe you found out is working because you're gonna have to step it. Up, next. To your big time obviously heading He's? I think he's going to give. Up that, idea I'm looking, at, a story that he's really just doing it to raise his profile is. This stuff and getting his name out there as he looks forward to you know he's mayor until like twenty twenty. Two right Five His campaign gets destroyed with the first. Thirty second ad that pans across all the vagrant encampments all the guards. Cities and then the rest of America that's going to be the introduction to him Is, nobody's heard of him, outside of, LA most people in LA, probably don't know, who he is but the world's going. To see him when he runs in the New Hampshire or South Carolina. Primary they're. Going to see you know black. And, white, brooding music deep voiced guy sixty thousand people living in gar cities. We've? Got heroin needles and vomit and feces all since Garcetti became there that's it that's the end of the. Campaign, now meanwhile the city of LA has been. Sued by the aids healthcare foundation why because they want to demolish Parker. Center and build a seven hundred million downtown office tower for city workers anyway The lawsuit wants to halt the demolition and. They? Believe that the city should use the Parker center the former home headquarters of LAPD for the homeless people. Really Apparently led by city council member Jose weezer are they back to plan last year, to tear down the building which is from one thousand nine hundred fifty five and his name for the former LAPD chief William Parker. And build an office tower which would rise twenty seven to twenty nine stories centralized office space for LA city workers who are now based. In other downtown buildings they claim they could save money then by selling the unused office buildings or ending. Lisa's on sites that it doesn't own the city estimates the cost of the tower at about. Seven hundred million dollars heading operations and maintenance costs for thirty years the total price tag will be. Nine hundred and fifteen million to nine hundred forty three billion How can you sue to prevent the city from doing what it wants with its property how. Do you really have standing to do and who's an aids healthcare foundation and then saying well no we've. Decided that it's better than you use it as a homeless housing place I don't. Understand that I don't understand that either unless unless they're intentionally making bogus environmental claims. In order to muck this up for years and cost him a lot of money and? Then they get the city to settle and come to some agreement because that's that is the, tactic, that, these organizations do is they sue to make your life miserable and cost you. A lot of money Oh at least some of what they ask for here's the part where they, claim they have the standing is a California law that allows tax really this could be a gold mine Sean it allows taxpayers to challenge expenditure of public funds they consider wasteful wasteful mistake that we could what This section five twenty six a of the California code of civil procedure establishes the right, to sue over any illegal expenditure or. Waste over injury to the estate funds or other. Property of a county town city or city state We should all be so everything almost everything is wasted oh no kidding With all the money. That guy so we should do we need a good. Lawyer, with me But the. Aids healthcare foundation is also announced plans to put on the ballot initiative to, convert Parker. Center why they obsessed. With this into housing for homeless people They're not going to. Start demolishing the building is supposed to start this year I thought, that they worried about aids what do? They I would imagine that there's crossover what are they running. Out of funding so they have to come up with something new raising, against they do other things besides come up with some new hysterics health cars and there, may? Be people that are homeless that has aids. And, ticket all a racket right we got more coming John and. Ken KFI Debra Mark has news CFDA has,.

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