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Perfect. There's a big time Washington compost reported by the name of Philip bump, the U N P. And he's been stalking. The president's Twitter. And if you go to the president's Twitter site, you'll see that he has posted numerous clips of my show from Saturday. Excuse me, Sunday on life, liberty and LeVine. And Philip is very upset about this at the Washington compost. And let me read you what he says. And let me respond just so you understand how the unfree press works. This guy is a propagandist. He's a leftist anyone's Trump out. He writes, and this is fresh off the press, President Trump seizes on political slogans with a casual ease of a college, bro. Trying on shirts before hitting a nightclub on the jersey shore. Now, this is called political analysis. So this guy goes between being a reporter and doing analysis is exactly one of the main points in my book. He's a fraud. He's not a journalist. But let's go on. He tries them on sees how they work and leaves a number of them any pile on the floor. Now, this is this man's own sickly projection onto the president for every make America. Great again. Throw a half dozen Bill the wall and crime will fall cluttering up the White House residence. Since the release of special counsel Robert de smell of the thirds redacted report on Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. Trump has developed a refined version of a sales pitch. He's been making for several years. Now when you read this stuff, you see the expose themselves. But they're too arrogant to even know it actually too stupid. The actually it was the Democrats not Trump who did some crimes. And how do you impeach Trump? When there were no Trump crimes see said Monday. And how do you impeach him for crimes done by Democrats as you phrased it over the weekend? We will set aside. Who is we who? Are we bump you? We will set aside. The fact that anyone can essentially be impeached for anything. Sir. You have no comprehension of what the impeachment clauses about. You've read. Nothing you understand nothing. You're just burping up. What you think which is the problem with the media today? We will set aside. The fact that anyone can essentially be impeached for anything that the high crimes misdemeanors rhetoric in the constitution. Listen to this guy meets essentially, whatever a majority of the house says, it means no it doesn't now you're quoting Gerald Ford. And you don't even give him credit. Why don't you read on this subject? Mr. bump before you burp up your propaganda. Let's go on it could include the sorts of almost crimes that most report hinted at in various places, this is my point the media are pushing for impeachment. Appealing to the cool-minded rationality of members of the house to avoid being peach seems like a risky bet. But that was Trump's sales pitch and brief. But again, we're setting that aside. Let's instead consider the other side of that argument. What exactly are the crimes that the Democrats committed? This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. It has the feel of something approximating a political argument, but any assessment of it is has serious argument falls apart quickly it hinges significantly on a robust understanding of the parallel line of argument that is run through conservative media over the past two years in which phrases such as insurance policy are loaded insurance policy might remember that stroke are loaded with a weight that allows whole swaths of sketchy argumentation to be summarized quickly move past. But picking the argument apart reveals how sketchy this. Consider this depiction of the real crimes as articulate by conservative commentator. Mark Levin over the weekend a video of Levin making this case was tweeted by the president Monday. And for a time pinned to the top of Trump's Twitter page ensuring visitors would see it. Quote. There are things that have been done in the last three years to candidate Trump President-elect Trump and President Trump. They could not occur in the United should not occur in the United States of America. Levin said senior levels of the FBI these individuals should be charged. They're the ones who interfered in our election, even more effectively than the Russians. What's more Levin said they're still at it? Now. Let's stop right there. Mr. producer are individuals at the senior level FBI being investigated. Yes, they are. Almost all of them have resigned under a cloud. They're being investigated. And during the course of investors, they have lied. They have lied. And I would suggest Mr. bump if you're really looking for obstruction. Maybe that's where you ought to look. But I'm not done. He goes on they planted a spy. That's right. A spy well who Stephan Harper? Stephon helper. Who's that? What did he come from in the Trump administration? He continued. They lied to federal courts not once but four times the Pfizer court in order to get a counterintelligence warrants, and they got it. And who were they spying on page was a back door effort to go after the Trump campaign. You're the Hillary campaign the Obama administration trying to take out the Republican candidate for president of the United States because of the preposterous ideal events said that Trump was conspiring with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In some circles, this has accepted almost as a baseline of reality about how the Russia investigation came to be right bump, but it makes little sense just as Levine's claim in March twenty nineteen that Trump had been wiretapped indirectly sparing it infamous. Hey, clown. The New York Times said that why are you lying because you can't help it? I'm doing an analysis. Well, shove your analysis you clown high got that from the New York Times that was their headline wiretap. But it makes little sense just as Levinsky claim in March twenty seventeen that Trump had been wiretapped indirectly spurring an infamous Trump tweet and a forceful denial from the government was similarly week. But it was true. But it was true. So let's pick it a party says Levin says that senior FBI officials should face criminal charges for having interfered in our election. There's no question that a senior F B I official did affect the election, then FBI director James Comey whose last minute statement about the lesson where he's coming from about the investigation a Hillary Clinton's Email server shifted the focus of the final days of the twenty sixteen campaign. But there's also no question that the quiet investigation into possible coordination be Trump's campaign and Russia didn't attract much attention before election day, despite the fact that if those senior officials, let's stop there. What does that have to do anything? What does that have to do anything whether it caught the attention or not? They sought to destroy Trump in his campaign. That's what they sought the do. Whether it got the attention of the media, they Washington compost or not. Let's see where we, but there's also no question that the quiet investigation at a possible coordination be Trump's campaign and Russia actually there was no coordination. Why don't you say that he still saying the possible coordination? There was no coordination. Didn't attract much attention before election day. But it did it attracted a lot of attention by the Obama administration because they manufactured it. Despite the fact that if those senior officials Lavigne disparage us as one or two they could have released a slew of information about sketchy context between Trump's campaign and Russia. They're already under investigation before the election occurred. They did they did. They did. They played it a spine the Trump administration Levin claims presumably, meaning the Trump campaign since the administration, necessarily followed the election. It's also not true that there was a spy placed in the administration as we've noted before. There were specific individuals such as foreign policy advisers Carter page referred to by Levin, and George popadopoulos who came under FBI scrutiny because of their links to Russia, including according to reports without reach by confidential import informant hold on now. Popadopoulos was set up. And he has said, so what isn't bump. Listen to him. Why isn't bump curious about that? Moreover, the articles that I read over two years ago suggests that there were attempts at Feis applications all the way going back to the summer during the course of the election. Bumped doesn't mention that either. There's no evidence. He says that the F B I targeted the campaign that self which would have been one pretty direct way to spy on the campaign. But are you talking about you idiot? What in the world? Are you talking about me? Maybe you didn't hear from McKay. During his sixty minutes interview. Maybe you haven't been listening to Brennan. Maybe I've been listening to Clapper. As for those four lies to the foreign intelligence. Surveillance court. That's the conservative shorthand for the white warrants to survey page which were predicated to some extent dossier reports compiled by British sex Intel officer, Christopher Steele that dossier and the page warrants are central to the line of argument that Trump was targeted unfairly because the dose was work completed with funding from a law firm that worked for Clinton's campaign and the Democratic Party the warrant and three subsequent renewals mentioned, by the way. We know this. No, thanks to Mr. bump in the Washington compost. We know this. No, thanks to the New York slimes are CNN or MSNBC. Do we missed a bump? No, thanks to any of you in part. It's thanks to me. And in full. It's thanks to Devin Nunes in the boys, but not you at the Washington compost. The warrant and three subsequent renew mentioned that the dossier was probably part of an effort to find information that could be used to discredit Trump's campaign. But not specifically that it was funded by the Democrats what? Therefore per Levin a lie, and therefore apparently a crime aimed at keeping Trump from being elected. I'm telling you. This is the mentality. This is the mentality. Lavigne doesn't mention that the page warrants were first obtained after he left the campaign that page was already in the FBI's radar as a count counterintelligence target or the page traveled to Russia in July twenty sixteen and held meetings there and bump doesn't tell you that despite four four one one three extensions for actions by the Pfizer court, Mr. page has been charged with nothing bumped doesn't tell you that. Why doesn't he tell you that? Lavigne breezes past that because it's all taken as an article of faith in his circles that the page Faisal warrants was a Mark of bias by the FBI listen to this clown. He is a reporter for the Washington Post. A key originator of this charges. Representative Devin Nunes who's staff last year wrote a four page memo eventually released by Trump to make the case of Faisal warrant biased public again. This was not a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Hey, dummy, you must not understand how the surveillance works. There was a great piece, and I read it too many to to those of you listened last week. And see if we can find this Mr. producer again by former assistant.

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