Speights discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie - Episode #1016: The New Phil Hendrie Show


To see guns n' roses years i had on a pair of vinyl slants handsome blood the show a right here win rose started to sing and do the speights i got up from my seat belts sold full of life i was so great and i started to do the snake and and what what's very unfortunate in the world we live in today is the people act like children and i'm not going to make the big deal out of this because this is the st ill uh sports hour and the reason by the way i chose to do sports is due not not a not that i know of been looking on the tv in i've been looking at the various shows that they have on the tv and i have to tell you i could do that stand on my head do in the different sports i just saw one here boomer in carb's and cart winner so that our car tone and that's that show i don't want to say because i know i recognize that was boom race east disown or brewer blumers a size and and the other guy i don't know who it was but that was not too good in my opinion so of like a door my wife had done and show bow to do it so we money is depots eldest as de boesel sports hour but a sports show i i guess the no it doesn't sound organized but right now.

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