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Who's the guy's name. i. I believe that too. Packer might be giving us a little bit of that. Wisconsin changing their policy apparel. He did say he didn't wanna reveal Certain wire running backs that may or may not be the waiver. Wire which i don't think i think he's wrong. I'd have to check the mo jo on this. I think he's roster is you i'll you. I'd have hard time getting intel out of these guys. I told you want to. Anyone can read between the lines there on that replies from one to factor wrong well khalil. Herbert i think film with him during During the i call it dynasty season. We're getting rookie drafts. I like him a lot. And i thought he's really talented. Running back and i noticed it got drafted by chicago on these three number. Three in the pecking order. Though in montgomery went down. There was a few. I actually hadn't damian williams. I drafted him pretty often but Khalil herbert office was available. Whenever everybody and. I put it pretty strong bits. I got a lot of them and i'm really liking this week and i'm sorry i've got him in some of my lineups but i'm holding breath and hoping he does does okay against the rams but he is a talented running back and it was surprising that given a lot of curious last week. Yeah so yeah. They gave on going. Yeah the volume is there. No question that There whatsoever. I do wanna. Let's let's talk about last night's game briefly joined by the way by the twenty twenty one f. Fcc made about leaders. Danny miller and ron meyer on the show tonight. Antonio brown was obviously awesome last night at nine for ninety one plus touchdown so you look at this meyer to fantasy owners. Just need to keep them in now every week without thinking about it is he a set it and forget it. Even though mike evans and chris godwin drafted well ahead of him at the same position and fcc main event just by the way khalil. Herbert owned in ninety six percent of meat events right now. Shadows jenner money from tennessee. Mojo dot com for that now but Antonio brown myers a third is. He must start every single week right now. If i had evans and godwin on my team i would still start antonio brown with the usage that he's getting that's the mayer it..

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