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Here now. We're doing the zoom the skype whatever you WANNA call it. We're on our quarantine rooms. Mardi Mush Tie smokes Keith. Jan the ones in twos guys how we doing surviving out there. What what what's happening. I don't know man. That sucks arriving. That said Thomas Happy. I don't like I feel like he's like this is great I am. I'm miserable. I you say look. I don't look saying look happy. I'm I'm like I can't even fathom that this is life right now like I'm nothing even funny to say like where our lives are gonNA suck for lot like I just all I'm doing. All Day is refreshing twitter reading articles reading the news and just getting more and more depressing updates and I gotta stop doing it. 'cause I'm gonNA drive myself crazy. I mean I'm telling this huge like this would be like an episode of survivor. Feel this whole we've after episode one. This is he likes the show but he'd be awful at survivor zoo. This is not what survivor is about. Survivors spread read of a deadly disease in your survivor. You're on a TV show for to win. A million dollars voting people out. This were Jus- quarantined. Isolated in our own home can't leave can't do anything because the deadly virus out there running amok and there's a million dollars up for grabs. Did you just man survivor to make it sound like I guess I did so. I was on Friday at people. Have nothing else to watch like. People got to start engines robber. I'm so I've never looked forward an episode more than I am tonight. This Wednesday I'm saying. Is there a new episode tonight? Everyone's eight o'clock CS. Did you see what they were doing? A big brother contestants. I wrote that blog Germany Brazil and Canada. They just didn't know what was going on. With this virus they were loved. That is insane that they just they were like. Yeah you know what? If one of their family members get sick. We'll tell them but until then we're gonNA keep them isolated and no one's GonNa know and then they're going to walk outside in a month and everyone will be debt like what's happening here. I don't know what the move is there like. I guess it makes sense like they're isolated. Anyway so it's like they're gonNA spread or or catch the virus but yeah it is we are. I see jared. Leto tweeted something. Or it's like he was on a thing we're allies relation to fifteen days technology. He just got out like what the fuck is going on. Guys we're in Tampa. He's an asshole but whatever we're in Tampa two weeks ago and it was just starting to get the news. Who would have thought we fucking his position? Two weeks later boys do we. We share the elevator with talk men and Ford and I would bring up. Show you guys. See the corona virus memo that passing passing tweet out. And they're like no what's that they didn't even know at the time. Like anything who think like all there was a video of Garrett Cole pitching today from one week ago literally felt like it was three months ago one week ago. That guy was just pitching spring training and striking out five guys and now we're looking at. I don't know if baseball get played this year. Juicing you'll need to get all dude now we're talking about not going out there about the issue of possible New York City shut down. Well we can't go outside unless it's for grocery shopping. And I think the APPs talking to douse brain about this last night. But the absolute. He doesn't think they're playing this year. But at the absolute best case scenario. I think we're talking July with no fans the entire year. I don't even think about the social distancing stuff can last twelve eighteen months like that's horrifying to think about. I think eighteen months. I think that's a Shiite CBO. I got to read. I haven't heard any lie model projection the nape log. That I. It's like a big twitter thread one. Obviously you got to take everything with somewhat of a grain of salt because nobody knows for sure but this was like some college ran a model where it's like the only way to truly stop it. If like some waves informed social distancing lasts until the developmental take twelve eighteen months. But it look at look. South Korea like their basketball league is about start up at the end of the month the end because they did a great job granted they did a much better job us but at least they just kill the people who have well. That's north North Korea. Same shift or create you get it. They they still think no one has it because they just murder everyone who gets it. Pretty effective ally really smart yes? We handled it much better and also but like they're people still look. It could come back in South Korea. Part to me is that you can literally just have it and not know. That's what I'm afraid I'm like I'm in the city. So pardon me is like go home with my parents. I'll have more food like not cooped up on par input. It's like what if I have it and I bring it home to my parents who are both over sixty or no hobbes's had the same Same thought like it's it's a weird Just on what to do. Yeah I I would love to go home because I mean I can only lie. I don't actually like I've been starting to think about because this is GonNa last a while. I don't know how long I can survive here like like with food. Like I don't know if I have enough food in my freezer now. I'm eating like a A TV dinner right now for lunch. That's just my lunch last few days. I like if I go home. At least I know my mom's going to cook food and you know it's Jersey. Things are a little more spaced out but I do. How many times in the last couple of days have you had a tingling your throat with like a headache and you like here we go? I I. I'd McCarthy not literally mentally have given myself a call the coughing not like severely but like every now and then like just think of coughing and then I call like I literally have mentally given myself or call. I've given myself corona so many times at some crazy. I'll say what are you like. What are you guys. What do you do if we have Koran? No like your. We've been quarantined for two days now like Morocco.

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