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And deft and right now this is overlooking the destined harbor seeing quite a bit of heavy rain over destined in okaloosa county right now we're also seeing some areas of fog this evening can see pence will already down to less than a mile right now we have a dense fog advisory that does include all of northwest florida from the okaloosa county walton county line all the way through southeast mississippi including baldwin county and mobile county in alabama satellite radar showing that we're seeing mostly dry conditions for most of northwest florida the heaviest of the rain right now is located over okaloosa county might even be here in a few rumble of thunder i stop these lashes of light in on the weather net camera just a few minutes ago did you have these low pressure systems parked over the southeast right now and a lot of moisture with these systems to that's why we're just seeing buckets and buckets of rain the water vapour imagery showing a lot of green situated over the gulf coast to that is why we are seeing all this rain and why the air is certainly so thick so we're looking at some days of rain and some foggy weather as well so you know the drill win temperatures get this warm and then it so he mid you have these foggy mornings in foggy night as we head into monday morning could run into some numerous showers and storms even to the late morning hours could see him and then into the afternoon does look like things will begin to quiet on down probably by your afternoon commute expect things to dry on out but then we'll see some patchy fog develop especially for those areas at sea the downpours now tuesday's looking pretty good overall at least we're expecting at least a 20 to 30 percent chance for a few showers and then a cold front moves in on wednesday in that increases our rain chances once again so we are looking at days of um some rain chances we went through almost all of november and a little bit of december with almost little to no precipitation will that's not the case now now we're expecting temperatures to even be really warm is well currently seeing them in the '60s and '70s and they'll hold steady through the overnight and into.

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