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When i was turn to think of your your voices your dialects are accents all the different nationalities and all that i was thinking well how often has he played british media have well dr and education em yet where you play carry mulligan's father and also more recently love his strange um which i did for ira sachs i played obrid and and it but you're right i mean i i get you appoint a it's a it's it's it's less often it happens less often which is an and he's a the brothers one thing that said what i did his tv series for daily kelley goal monday morning's which i love doing we we did a season for tnt had a great time doing it when he first asked me if i'd be interested in doing i i was in the middle of doing an episode of murphy's law which sorry harry's little forgive me how with kathy bates number if he so that's that was the old other one as as a movie with the jimmy garden and so i said yeah lifted and and then he said how do you feel about an american accent and i said fine he said is it is it a problem is a and i thought he meant did i find it hard to do an ice and i i said none of its holiday is not easy is not hard to do but is just one more layer to to think about so then he came back and said we'll do it in english in a less not let's not have that lay if you don't want so i ended up playing this character as a as an english surgeon and it was really interesting because in them as a as an english county in the midst of all these american characters there was a kind of.

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